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New sexual assault clinic to break down access barriers

“We’re stretching our arms open to welcome as many people as possible.” On Wednesday, Feb. 17, the Victoria Sexual Assault Clinic opens its doors to the public. The clinic is an offshoot of the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre (VSAC), designed to house services and resources provided by medical professionals, local police, and VSAC staff under… Read more »

Tent city persistence meets local resistance

On Monday, Jan. 11, residents of the Victoria tent city — now known as Super InTent City — held a news conference in response to the government’s advisory stating that they find alternative shelter. Less than a week after the news conference took place, the City opened its doors as part of a larger open-house initiative in the hopes… Read more »

Education is a Right campaign hits the streets

On Wednesday, Feb. 3, UVSS executives and  students alike will take to the streets in protest of rising tuition. The rally, organized by the UVSS as part of their Education is a Right campaign, is part of a larger day of action protesting increasing tuition fees and student debt. This will be the first time… Read more »

Through the Looking Glass

All photos by Sarah Lazin There are times in a city when you find yourself removed into another world. Yet, never has this experience been so accentuated as when two curious reporters visited the self-proclaimed Super InTent City in the heart of downtown Victoria. Stepping through the break in the hedge which neatly encompasses the… Read more »

Canadian foreign policy shifts gears in 2015

Above all else, 2015 proved just how much can change in the course of one year. From a change in government to the royal assent of Bill C-51, 2015 brought a wave of changes to the landscape of Canadian foreign policy (though the status of the latter is up in the air with the aforementioned… Read more »

What’s in a name? And why the Women’s Centre is changing theirs

The Women’s Centre, located in the SUB, is undergoing a name change to make their space more inclusive. Outreach and Communications Coordinator Kay Gallivan explained that “last year, we changed our policies from having this space be open to self-identified women to having the space be open to self-identified women, non-binary, and gender-fluid people. So… Read more »

No need to Boba Frett with these party tricks

The holiday season is upon us. There are drinks to mix, decorations to put up, and gatherings to host. Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year — but we’re not talking about Christmas. As you may have already heard, Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theatres this week, and celebrations are imminent. Here’s how to ensure… Read more »

UVSS Food Bank forced to tighten belts, welcomes donations

Whether it’s turkey, tofurkey, or spiked eggnog, sharing a meal with friends and family is at the heart of nearly every holiday tradition. But a troubling hiccup in the UVSS Food Bank & Free Store’s budget may leave many students with a little less this year. Courtney Striker, Assistant Coordinator of the UVSS Food Bank… Read more »