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Dream Bingo with The Rez Sisters

As patrons scurried among the aisles and claimed their seats, the muted cry of a loon echoed through the theatre, calling attention to Catherine Hahn’s set design, which transformed the Belfry’s main stage into the shingled slope of Pelajia Patchnose’s (Tantoo Cardinal) roof.

UVic alumna publishes bold debut

At once touching and disturbing, Wallflowers spans a diverse range of narrative forms: some stories are told through letters, others are told backwards, but all maintain an elegance and precision of language that is haunting to the literary reader.

Geographical narrative of B.C. grizzlies rewritten

B.C. grizzlies are on the move, according to new research by UVic PhD candidate Christina Service, who has been monitoring the range expansion of grizzly bears along with the Spirit Bear Research Foundation and Raincoast Conservation Foundation since 2011. Once thought to exist only on the mainland, Service found evidence of grizzly bears on 10… Read more »

Ribald production has definite shock-factor

The Belfry has gone gangsta for its summer production of The Bomb-itty of Errors, which re-imagines Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors with hip-hop bite, fusing novel rap beats with the bard’s original iambic pentameter. The bawdy, extroverted production, which was staged in Vancouver two years ago with the same dynamic quintet (Brian Cochrane, David Kaye, Niko… Read more »