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A Canadian province is undermining education

This article was originally published by the Gateway of the University of Alberta. Teachers in Ontario pledged $1.5 million last month to shore up the B.C. Teachers’ Federation (B.C.T.F.) in its ongoing strike. The teachers are on strike after the B.C. government has repeatedly failed to follow B.C. Supreme Court rulings in favour of the… Read more »

Dear readers,

Couples are cuddling in the quad, cynical cyclists are plotting to run them over, and the Martlet crew has just prepared our last print issue of the volume. Even with the cloying stench of tree blossoms and new beginnings on our clothing, it can be hard to let go of everything we’ve put into the… Read more »

UVSS revisits controversial pamphlet issue

The UVic Students’ Society (UVSS) is holding a Special General Meeting (SGM) in Cinecenta on April 3 regarding a UVSS Board of Directors motion that affects the Catholic Students’ Association (CSA). Chairperson Kelsey Mech wrote in an email, “We are providing an opportunity to revisit the motion regarding CSA, since the previous AGM in which… Read more »

YPY holds speak-out event

*Updated “Women Do Regret Abortion,” read signage at a speaking and outreach event held outside the UVic Students’ Society (UVSS) Student Union Building (SUB) on March 21. Hosted by student group Youth Protecting Youth (YPY), about 10 people handed out leaflets to passing students and other pedestrians, stopping to chat with some, while three women… Read more »

New UVSS board elected—voter turnout down

Kayleigh Erickson has been elected as the 2014-15 chairperson of the UVic Students’ Society (UVSS). Erickson, a current 2013-14 director-at-large, ran on the Vision UVic slate with Kaylee Szakacs, who was elected as executive director of student affairs; Anas Cheema, who was acclaimed as executive director of finance and operations; and seven elected directors-at-large (Jamie… Read more »

Election results pending

While students wait patiently for the results of this week’s student elections, here are some pertinent facts. The webvote poll that closed at 9 a.m. this morning was for elections to the UVic Students’ Society (UVSS) Board of Directors. Last year, the overall voter turnout for this election was 18.83 per cent, or 3050 out… Read more »

This week’s horoscopes

Aries March 21–April 20 B.C. liquor laws just changed, making your access to alcohol easier. I thought that information would be less likely to make you drink than your horoscope. You’re welcome. Taurus April 21–May 21 People will try your temper this week, Taurus. I mean, experimental psychology is totally a way to investigate whether… Read more »

What would you ask the university president?

Helen de Wit Political Science and Environmental Studies  “What are you doing to make a better future for us students?”   Mabel Bob-Manuel Third year Psychology and Environmental Studies “What are you doing with international students?”   Scott  Richardson Third year Philosophy “What is your plan to make UVic a better school?”   Mai Hirabayashi… Read more »

New bus exchange to neighbour the SUB

A new set of 10 bus bays, like the set of 11 bays in front of the UVic Bookstore, is in development for beside the Student Union Building (SUB). B.C. Transit and the university had been in talks to add three bus spots along Ring Road, in addition to the existing three on the ring,… Read more »