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Laying his ancestors to rest

Dust ‘n’ Bones, a documentary about traditional grave-digger Harold Joe, is screening at Cinecenta on Nov. 22 The upcoming documentary Dust ‘n Bones follows Harold Joe and the problems he faces in his quest to repatriate Indigenous remains through traditional burial ceremonies, mostly on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands of B.C. The Martlet sat… Read more »

Family warfare: How to avoid tense family dinners this holiday

Oh, the holidays: the time of year when the reality of brown road slush and awkward encounters with your new step-brothers are etched into memories of pristine white snow and family unity. Yet there’s one part of the holidays that’s hard to avoid: awkward political conversations at the family dinner table. We love our grandparents… Read more »

Muslim and Jewish student associations host shared dinner

The Jewish and Muslim community have a long history of both peaceful and violent interaction, but to the UVic Jewish Students Association (JSA) and the UVic Muslim Students Association (MSA), what matters is the present.  The two student societies, along with help from the Hillel B.C. Society, held a shared culture dinner on Nov. 21,… Read more »

Toronto punk outfit PUP sets its sights on Victoria

The Toronto band PUP started mak- ing raucous high-energy punk music together in 2013, and have refused to stop ever since. Over the last two years, they have played nearly 450 shows, been nominated for a Juno award, and somehow found time to record their new album, The Dream is Over, which was shortlisted for… Read more »

Theatre alums reflect as 50th annual Alumni Festival unfolds

The Phoenix Theatre is bringing back three successful alumni to perform this year for the 50th annual Alumni Festival, which is running through to Oct. 29. “These artists have travelled the world with their shows and now we can bring them back to our stages and share them with audiences in Victoria,” says Allana Lindgren,… Read more »