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The Malahat Review presents the 2017 WordsThaw Prize

In collaboration with The Malahat Review, the Martlet is pleased to present the winners of the annual WordsThaw Prize. The WordsThaw Prize is a writing contest for beginning writers living in Victoria, and run by The Malahat Review, a literary magazine published by the University of Victoria ( The Martlet and the Malahat congratulate the first-place… Read more »

Here’s your very long Lead Director’s Debate recap

Although this year’s UVSS Elections Lead Directors’ Debate may be remembered by some for a few fiery moments of passion, it was largely characterized by similar answers from slates on a number of issues, with a smattering of screaming and an occasional avoidance of questions entirely for good measure. With the voting period beginning Wednesday at… Read more »

The Martlet’s favourite films of 2016

The Martlet didn’t see quite as many films as we’d like to this year, and many of the ones we did were, frankly, pretty underwhelming. (Just ask Cormac.) But that’s not to say 2016 was a complete bust; here are just a few of our favourites, with a list of honourable mentions at the end…. Read more »

The Martlet’s favourite music of 2016

2016 was a huge year for music, with some of hip-hop and R&B’s biggest names dropping albums that changed the game, including Beyoncé and Kanye West. For that reason, our year-end picks are a little obvious. But just because they’re obvious doesn’t mean they’re not great! So if you’ve been living under a rock this… Read more »

2016 Holiday Events Calendar

ARTS THE NERDY DAYS OF CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAIR We all have nerds in our life that will need some kickass presents for the big day. Stop buy and see all things geeky made by local artisans. There will be a silent auction and door prizes too with all proceeds going to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation…. Read more »

What’s the Martlet afraid of?

In the spirit of Halloween, the Martlet staff has compiled a brief list of our worst fears and phobias. All we ask is that you use this information for educational purposes only, and not as a means to terrify and frighten us.  Leone Brander, Design Director: Sea monsters, germs, haunted house attractions Alex Coates, Business… Read more »

The Martlet Podcast—Episode 1

For our first episode, we sat down with the three candidates for Director of Outreach and University Relations running for election on Mar. 3, 2016: Brontë Renwick-Shields (Unite UVic), Ben Lukenchuk (Encompass UVic), and Sara Maya Bhandar (Woke UVic).

Streeters: How do you feel about the Pride referendum?

  “It would depend on if there’s a platform from UVic Pride already about what they’re going do with the money. I haven’t heard about it obviously so maybe if there was something more forthcoming about their presentation of what they’re gonna do with the money, I would probably be for it.” “Yeah. Duh. I… Read more »

EDITORIAL: The system is broken, and needs to be fixed

In light of recent developments around the Board of Directors and the erroneous approval of $6 000 in academic grants to the Undergraduates of Political Science (UPS), one might be tempted to ask: what the hell is going on with our elected officials at the UVSS? This is obviously not the first time UVSS policy inadequacies… Read more »