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Will to game: The star bound chronicle

Some games thrive on their writing and provide a compelling story for their audience, but I don’t always want to be an audience member: I want to be in the driver’s seat (It’s why I play games to begin with). Starbound is the most recent game to let me feel like my own author.

Summer camps begin at the Centre of the Universe

For years, those curious about the galaxies and heavens above could drive down West Saanich Road to visit Observatory Hill, home to the Centre of the Universe (CU) and the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory (DAO). While the observatory is still used for scientific research, the Centre of the Universe closed to the public in August 2013… Read more »

Man invents something

By Trik Jones Sometime in the past month, a guy in a North American city invented something. After a full decade of work, this guy produced a small gray tube-like device. The device, currently unnamed, has yet to show any specific purpose. In regards to the device, the inventor said something like, “It’s still in… Read more »

Will to game: Multi-touch

Playing games is a great way to share experiences with your partner, possibly while gaining experience points. Video games in particular can be an important part of any relationship; they will bring you together and let you blow each other apart. Almost everyone has their own favourite game, but if you are not lucky enough… Read more »

Bored? Games!

With today’s limitless choices in entertainment, from PC to console to mobile, we can easily get caught up in our digital experiences, lost in menus and virtual lobbies, sending invites and dealing with dropped connections. I’m not saying these setbacks should make you rethink your hobbies, but there are times when I like to remind… Read more »