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Will to game: Card games for a crowd

Party season is here, and that means throngs of people standing awkwardly around a bowl of punch, or trying to keep their drink steady as they wiggle to Katy Perry covers of Christmas songs. If you want to add some excitement to their Festivus, or are looking for some more enjoyable ways to sit down… Read more »

The will to game: Jumping in

Beta-culture has become an integral element of a large number of software products. From new combined services like Google+ and Minecraft, developers are releasing early, usually to test the waters before making the leap to a final release or, occasionally, cutting their losses. For their customers, the question is this: when does one decide to… Read more »

Party games

There ain’t no party like a Mario party. At least, that’s what we used to say in the ’90s. Now it’s 2013, and although we may still break out the N64 after a few beers, there are so many other party games out there with a variety of flavours and levels of chaos. Best of… Read more »

Epiphany in empathy

Empathy games are a relatively new classification that has emerged from the expanding world of indie games. With a strong emphasis on mundane settings, these games are driven by strong core concepts and deal with serious moral, social, or political issues. They pack a powerful emotional punch, leaving the player to meditate on the experience… Read more »

Games for the bus

If a busy schedule has you on the go, you may feel relegated to the grind of Candy Crush Saga or one of the many Angry Birds clones. But transit time doesn’t have to mean wasted time—there are some great experiences available to you on your phone. When you are pressed shoulder to shoulder, hip… Read more »

The will to game: Time is money

There are thousands of games out there. It can be hard to tell which ones to sink your hard-earned cash or invest your time into. As a student, you might think that it is only wise to part with your cash for the best value, but the best value doesn’t necessarily mean the games with… Read more »