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Radio Head: Surfing the airwaves with CFUV’s Johnnie Regalado

“Radio never dies,” Johnnie Regalado says. He repositions himself atop his swivel chair, his cardigan fitted and buttoned high, his hair trimmed and parted to the right, and his voice monotone, confidently carrying his matter-of-fact-opinions. Regalado is the program director of Victoria’s campus and community radio station—CFUV 101.9 FM— a position he’s held for five… Read more »

Under the Thunder

We venture through a tunnel of hanging jerseys and they brush along us with each step. We come out the other end. The keys are fiddled with until the door opens. Before me is a place of secrecy—his domain. His body hangs on a hook and his head sits on the floor. He stares out at me with a smile askew. This is Thunder’s home.