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Phoenix’s latest fare sees Shakespeare meet Beyoncé

Director Jeffrey Renn preaches importance of keeping art modern It’s a conundrum that is almost as old as the Bard of Avon himself — how do you adapt Shakespeare to make it appealing to new generations? This is the task that Master of Fine Arts candidate Jeffrey Renn has taken on by directing the Phoenix Theatre’s production… Read more »

Vertigo undergoing image revamp

Up-and-coming rapper Killy sells out venue Many students at UVic think of the Vertigo Lounge as a place to get some work done, eat lunch, and hang out with friends — but on March 22, Toronto rapper Killy will perform at Vertigo during his Canadian tour. His dark, melodic trap sound has been making waves in the… Read more »

Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine

Still relevant, 16 years after the film’s release In 2002, Michael Moore made the daring decision to produce Bowling For Columbine, a full-length documentary about gun violence in America, starring Columbine high school and their disastrous school shooting of 1999. The film follows typical Michael Moore antics: Moore runs around to find people with opposing… Read more »

Sports are worth how much?

UVic alumnus’s book a great insight into the economics of pro sports Have you ever wondered why Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry can earn a contract worth $201 million? Have you ever scratched your head when asked why tickets, jerseys and merchandise are so expensive, yet stadiums often become the burden of taxpayers? Are… Read more »

Our International Women’s Day cover

Visual Arts student Taryn Walker on designing our International Women’s Day cover Creating the cover for the International Women’s Day issue of the Martlet was quite the challenge. For me, it was important to present an image of femininity and womanhood that was both diverse and inclusive. Specifically, I wanted to celebrate the strength, resilience,… Read more »

Victoria Film Festival: The horror of darkness

The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches review   The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches from director Simon Lavoie is a 2017 French-Canadian adaptation of the classic 1998 Québécois novel of the same name.   The story is the stuff of dark fairytale. Two children, a girl (Marine Johnson) and… Read more »