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The Martlet’s 2018 Sex Survey results

The results are in: consent is sexy From the 289 participants of this year’s sex survey (comprised of 284 online, and five who bravely handed theirs in person), we learned about the sexual behaviours of our peers—in some areas, their attitudes and experiences varied greatly, however a few were common. Of those surveyed, 160 identified… Read more »

Wildlife photographer of the year exhibits nature’s beauty

Royal BC Museum event serves breathtaking visuals and important message You walk into the Royal BC Museum and are greeted by magnificent shots of canyons, arctic foxes, and tiger sharks. Welcome to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit. The world-renowned competition and showcase is run by the Natural History Museum in London and has… Read more »

The Martlet’s 2018 sex survey

Are you curious about the sexual activities and attitudes of your fellow UVic students and staff? We certainly are. And why not? It’s 2018. Sex is the one of the most often thought about (and least discussed) topics on campus, so let’s not beat around the bush. Please answer the following questions — only those you wish… Read more »

Getting down in a good way

A review of Distant Grand’s Fascination EP The EP Fascination by Victoria’s dreamy new duo Distant Grand is a sensuous hip-swaying and heart-breaking treat. The smooth vocal harmonies, sweeping synth, and rhythmic guitar provide the right amount of melancholy for lonely nights and plenty of sultry funk for crowds of two or more. At times… Read more »

The Martlet’s guide to the Victoria Film Festival

In a few short weeks, Victoria will once again be hosting the annual Victoria Film Festival, where theatres and venues around the city screen independent films that are generally not widely distributed. The festival runs from Feb. 2–11 and also features a number of other events. If you’re in the Bay Centre, check out the… Read more »

Brianna’s Books: Sculpture in Canada

There’s this theory when it comes to examining Art with a capital A called the “Death of the Author.” It’s the idea that once a piece of Art is put out into the world, the author is irrelevant. All that matters is the Art and how the audience gains their own meaning from it. You… Read more »

Top 5 Canadian albums of 2017

According to the host of CFUV’s “Beyond the 49th Parallel” Maybe it’s optimistic of me to think that anyone other than myself cares about personal year-end lists. But searching through year-end lists can be exciting and inspiring! It’s a chance to find new bands and artist who you maybe missed completely because exams and final… Read more »