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Bullet holes and budget rock: Talking shop with Smoke Eaters

Fresh off their summer tour, Victoria-based indie rock group Smoke Eaters are keeping themselves busy. Bonnybrook Road, their latest full-length album, is nostalgic and summery, a collection of feel-good songs with equally jaunty lyrics. I got the chance to talk to Misha, Leigh, Rodney, and David, the four members of the band, in their cozy tour… Read more »

‘The Eagle Huntress’ is an uplifting tale for the new year

Culturally enriching, visually captivating, and chock-full of feel-good scenes, Otto Bell’s first feature-length documentary The Eagle Huntress is the perfect film to kickstart the new year at UVic’s Cinecenta. For the average North American viewer, having no prior knowledge of anything remotely related to the nomadic tribes of Mongolia, let alone the traditions of eagle… Read more »

Desert trippin’: Neil Young gets political in California

It’s Saturday night and he walks on stage in a ratty T-shirt that reads “Water Is Life” with some gnarly hair sticking out of his old cowboy hat. Neil Young is here. He opens with a rendition of “After the Gold Rush,” and the hundreds of thousands of spectators cheer with glee, realizing unanimously that… Read more »

The Martlet’s favourite films of 2016

The Martlet didn’t see quite as many films as we’d like to this year, and many of the ones we did were, frankly, pretty underwhelming. (Just ask Cormac.) But that’s not to say 2016 was a complete bust; here are just a few of our favourites, with a list of honourable mentions at the end…. Read more »

The Martlet’s best television of 2016

With disasters occurring almost every week and an angry, screaming tangerine in a suit making headlines, 2016 might be one of the worst years ever. But throughout this difficult year, there’s always been one thing that has had our backs and helped us deal: TV. TV has never left us, never cancelled plans, or tried… Read more »

‘Starboy’ shoots for the stars but misses the mark

He’s back, ladies and gentlemen. The Weeknd, or should I say Starboy, has swooped from his Toronto high-rise and laid his new album, Starboy, at our collective doorsteps, its cover popping with Tarantino- esque fonts and a looming shadow of Abel Tesfaye donning a dangling cross necklace. The Weeknd has rebranded himself (if cutting your… Read more »

The Martlet’s favourite music of 2016

2016 was a huge year for music, with some of hip-hop and R&B’s biggest names dropping albums that changed the game, including Beyoncé and Kanye West. For that reason, our year-end picks are a little obvious. But just because they’re obvious doesn’t mean they’re not great! So if you’ve been living under a rock this… Read more »

I used to hate Dane Cook, and now I sort of don’t

Harmful if swallowed Let me preface this by saying that I haven’t seen a lot of stand-up comedy. I generally avoid all of the stand-up specials on Netflix because a person just standing there doesn’t really hold my attention. It takes a lot for me to laugh at a rehearsed joke — I’m more of an on-the-fly… Read more »