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Victoria Film Festival: The horror of darkness

The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches review   The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches from director Simon Lavoie is a 2017 French-Canadian adaptation of the classic 1998 Québécois novel of the same name.   The story is the stuff of dark fairytale. Two children, a girl (Marine Johnson) and… Read more »

Victoria Film Festival: SoulMate lovingly bends conventions

SoulMate, directed by Derek Tsang, follows two friends from childhood  to adulthood. Li Ansheng, played by Zhou Dongyu, is a quick-witted wild child who decides to forgo higher education in order to explore and experience the world. Her counterpart and polar opposite is the stable and guarded Lin (July) Qiyue, played by Sandra Ma, who… Read more »

Not an ordinary superhero movie

Black Panther review For a long time, comics were dominated by characters that had two defining traits. They were white and from some big American city. Then along came King T’challa, the Black Panther. Everything changed; he was a black hero from a hidden city in Africa. He not only fought crime, but he governed… Read more »

The Victoria Film Festival in Review

The Opening Gala of this year’s Victoria Film Festival was a tastefully curated event. Hosted in the lobby of the Bay Centre, it featured a range of cocktails and appetizers that fit with the Scottish theme of the opening film Waterboys (2017). Something I love about festivals is the way that they bring together such… Read more »

Crimes of the Heart exceptional exercise in character, writing

Pulitzer Prize–winning play gives Phoenix actors chance to spread their wings Crimes of the Heart is the Pulitzer Prize–winning play by acclaimed playwright Beth Henley, which was later adapted into an Oscar-nominated film of the same name. Set in the 1970s in Hazlehurst, Miss., the story follows the three Magrath sisters, reunited after the youngest… Read more »

Holy folk, Joshua Hyslop’s new album is worth a listen

“Echos” is perfect Sunday morning background music A new folk album is reverberating from the mainland, and you should listen up. Joshua Hyslop emerged in 2012, and has since been serenading ears with the strum of his guitar and melting hearts with the emotional stories he tells through his songs. Hyslop’s new album Echos comes… Read more »

One month reflection on the Women’s March

Not a Moment, a Movement One month ago, a wave of pink hats and hand-painted signs washed over the world on as the Women’s March celebrated its second year. Last year, the Women’s March was a response to President Trump’s divisive political campaign and apparent disdain for women’s rights. But the fact that thousands of… Read more »

International grad student on cusp of prestigious theatre award

Taiwo Afolabi’s journey to being named one of 11 finalists in the world for the Ellen Stewart International Award has been anything but smooth sailing. “I experienced displacement myself back in Jos,” Afolabi says, talking about the Jos riots in 2010 that killed 326 people in his home country of Nigeria. “I was not in… Read more »

Bad date confessions: vol. 4

To answer your first question, no: not all off these bad date stories are my own. However, while I can’t take credit for every awkward hug, drive to the restaurant gone bad, or speedy bike-ride date, I can take pleasure in re-hashing these bad date confessions to make you, the reader, feel better about your… Read more »

Avoiding Valentine’s Day with movies

Cupid is stupid Oh, wow, would you look at that! Another Valentine’s Day is upon us, and yet again the single crowd must find a way to distract from the impending loneliness brought about by this hateful day. Being single is liberating for the majority of the year, but come Feb. 14, that freedom turns… Read more »