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Victoria punk band Collagen returns after two-year hiatus

Their debut EP was named one of the 20 best Canadian punk demos of 2015 by Aux Magazine. Now, after 22 months of silence, Victoria-based Collagen finally released their sophomore self-titled EP on Jan. 28 of this year. “We are all so busy,” says guitarist Tyler Akis on the long wait for the EP. This… Read more »

‘The Lego Batman Movie’ builds on character’s Lego-cy

The Lego Batman Movie may be the best crusader movie since the Christian Bale trilogy. With countless gags and cinematic references to everything from Adam West to Suicide Squad, Lego Batman has a unique and refreshing self-awareness that will appeal to all ages. A lonely Batman, the ideal crime fighter, is now forced to work… Read more »

In memory of Stuart McLean: The best of ‘The Vinyl Cafe’

Canada has lost one of its most beloved storytellers: Stuart McLean, longtime host of The Vinyl Cafe, passed away from melanoma on Wednesday, Feb. 15. Generations of Canadians have grown up listening to McLean’s distinctive drawl. His radio show, which debuted in the summer of 1994, featured music, essays, and stories, but the focal point… Read more »

Seven albums for the seven stages of heartbreak

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is in the air whether our response is infatuation or nauseation. For those of you experiencing adverse reactions, here’s seven albums for even the worst of situations. After all, what better way to deal with heartbreak or emotional turmoil than self-torture in a dimly lit room with a fitting… Read more »

UVic gets creative with virtual reality film ‘Knot For Sale’

Ever wanted to explore more of your favourite film? Virtual reality filmmaking has taken cinematic immersion to a new level, as audiences of Knot For Sale will soon discover. Knot For Sale is the first virtual reality (VR) film to come out of UVic’s WRIT 420 class, a workshop on film writing and production taught by UVic professor… Read more »

The Martlet’s 2017 Victoria Film Festival picks

When Oscars season arrives in late January/early February, people change. All of a sudden, everyone and their dog becomes a film expert; the general public is preoccupied with finding a cinematic gem and making something up that sounds intellectual to show how deep and clever they are. “I was conflicted by La La Land— the colours really… Read more »

Bullet holes and budget rock: Talking shop with Smoke Eaters

Fresh off their summer tour, Victoria-based indie rock group Smoke Eaters are keeping themselves busy. Bonnybrook Road, their latest full-length album, is nostalgic and summery, a collection of feel-good songs with equally jaunty lyrics. I got the chance to talk to Misha, Leigh, Rodney, and David, the four members of the band, in their cozy tour… Read more »

‘The Eagle Huntress’ is an uplifting tale for the new year

Culturally enriching, visually captivating, and chock-full of feel-good scenes, Otto Bell’s first feature-length documentary The Eagle Huntress is the perfect film to kickstart the new year at UVic’s Cinecenta. For the average North American viewer, having no prior knowledge of anything remotely related to the nomadic tribes of Mongolia, let alone the traditions of eagle… Read more »

Desert trippin’: Neil Young gets political in California

It’s Saturday night and he walks on stage in a ratty T-shirt that reads “Water Is Life” with some gnarly hair sticking out of his old cowboy hat. Neil Young is here. He opens with a rendition of “After the Gold Rush,” and the hundreds of thousands of spectators cheer with glee, realizing unanimously that… Read more »