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Campus Kick-Off is coming


The Martlet catches up with University of Victoria Students’ Union Director of Events Lewis Rhodes to hear what’s in store for Campus Kick-off from Sept. 2-8. For more information, click here.

Little Lady charms, baffles

Sandrine Lafond plays a reverse-aging woman of few words in Little Lady at Victoria Fringe Festival 2012.

Fringe play by Cirque du Soleil performer shows she’s got acting chops — but what’s the story?

Fringe: Hello, My Name is Matthew Payne

What’s in a name? Matthew Payne talks to Matthew Paynes in order to learn about ego and if sharing a name means anything.

Everyone’s typed their name into Google to see what pops up. Matthew Payne has taken it a step further by contacting the other Matthew Paynes and recording the conversations in his quest to contact as many as possible.