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Film fast and slow

Nested in the vegetable crisper of my fridge is a Ziploc bag of film (above the carrots but below the green onions). It’s mostly cheap stuff: Fuji Superia in various speeds, grainy Kodak Gold. Sometimes, though, I pick up a roll of slide film (Fuji Provia 100F, to be exact), and I save it for… Read more »

Roller derby ruckus

On July 27, Archie Browning Arena was full to the brim with team spirit and rainbow socks for the Eves of Destruction roller-derby league’s double-header annual Pride bout.

Flipping the Plan

After days of phone calls, I had no choice but to adapt my concept to the available furniture

Flipping the Classroom

For generations, students have spent their days furiously copying lecture notes from a chalkboard and their nights churning out assignments based on those notes. This familiar model is the dominant one for most university classes, but a few UVic instructors are turning this model on its head. Instead of letting students practice concepts at home… Read more »