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Piping hot

Left to right:  David Martin, Rene Cusson, David Hennigan, James P. Troy and Bruce Gandy perform at the Bay Street Armoury.

I am sure that my friends are spending their Saturday night partying at a club or perhaps relaxing at home, but I am more excited by the minute as I hear the echo of bagpipes within the Bay Street Armouries Hall in Victoria.

Adderall: not for all


When students use ADHD medications as study drugs, one group loses out: those who actually have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Avoiding voluntourist traps


OTTAWA (CUP) — You’re planning a spring break, maybe even a Christmas break. You want to see a new country and have a few adventures, so you do a little research and stumble upon a voluntourism trip. Nine days in Costa Rica. It seems ideal.

A Q&A with Jane Goodall

(Provided) Michael Neugebauer

Jane Goodall: We persuaded coffee roasters to come over, and they said it’s fabulous coffee. Now, the farmers get a higher price. They get assistance with learning how to use one area to produce two or three or even four times the yield.