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Ten days with the Honduran Resistance: The campesino movement

After staging occupation of the lands since 2006, the campesinos won back the rights to about 11,000 hectares in 2011, but have been unsuccessful in having the new terms implemented. The group has met with government officials and has brought cases against the landowners to court, but has not resolved the land rights issues. MUCA is now pressuring the government to reform agrarian and land use laws.

Ten days with the Honduran Resistance: What is the resistance?

Continued from the main story. In the lead-up to the primaries, we met with a number of Libre Party candidates who outlined the goals and platforms of the party. Land reform, representational congress, transparent government and pushing back against encroaching U.S. economic influence were among the main themes of the meetings. On a day full… Read more »

Piping hot

I am sure that my friends are spending their Saturday night partying at a club or perhaps relaxing at home, but I am more excited by the minute as I hear the echo of bagpipes within the Bay Street Armouries Hall in Victoria.

Adderall: not for all

When students use ADHD medications as study drugs, one group loses out: those who actually have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder