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What’s the Martlet afraid of?

In the spirit of Halloween, the Martlet staff has compiled a brief list of our worst fears and phobias. All we ask is that you use this information for educational purposes only, and not as a means to terrify and frighten us.  Leone Brander, Design Director: Sea monsters, germs, haunted house attractions Alex Coates, Business… Read more »

Confessions of an overthinking backpacker

Here’s the toughest thing to admit about my four-month solo “Eurodyssey:” I’d built up high expectations of adventurous discovery, falling in love with a pretty European girl and segueing into wild romantic escapades, and then brunching it after a hedonistic booze-fuelled night. With these ideals of what SHOULD happen — rather than what COULD happen — you can imagine… Read more »

Seen but not heard

How one student’s experience demonstrates gaps in assault policy The University Centre washrooms at the University of Victoria are among the last places most people would turn to for comfort, but Emma Cotterill found herself with nothing but dirtied porcelain to comfort her as she stood panicking about her situation. Despite being found guilty of sexual… Read more »

Radio Head: Surfing the airwaves with CFUV’s Johnnie Regalado

“Radio never dies,” Johnnie Regalado says. He repositions himself atop his swivel chair, his cardigan fitted and buttoned high, his hair trimmed and parted to the right, and his voice monotone, confidently carrying his matter-of-fact-opinions. Regalado is the program director of Victoria’s campus and community radio station—CFUV 101.9 FM— a position he’s held for five… Read more »

Why I need the Native Students Union

I would like to respectfully acknowledge that this article is being written and read on unceded Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ territories. By doing this, and participating in this institution, I am a part of the ongoing colonialism that exists on this land. I can only hope that this article will assist the people of these communities… Read more »