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Gangland: How Victoria works against local gang culture

It was a typical clear day outside the Bay Centre in Victoria — a busker played guitar, while pedestrians waited for the lit-up figure of a man to indicate they’re safe to walk — when two teenage boys were approached by Vancouver gang members, and became the victims of an attempted recruitment. When one of the teens’ parents reported… Read more »

Me, Myself, and Mormon

“I’m sorry — do I know you from somewhere?” I asked. This young man had greeted me more enthusiastically and hurried over more quickly than I was comfortable with for someone I was pretty sure I didn’t recognize. It took me halfway through his, “no, I don’t think so,” to connect the tidy, striped tie with the… Read more »

Things get weird at the Great Canadian Beer Festival

The necks of your trusty and tipsy correspondents were not the only things baking in the sun at the Great Canadian Beer Festival; the culture of the festival itself stewed in the heat. Beer Fest is a mash of surreal pop culture references and graphic tees; consuming a steady stream of 4oz. samplers was all… Read more »


Margaret went outside and shot the chickens through the fence. “That was the last of our summer home,” she sighed, slinging the hot shotgun over her shoulder. She turned from the silent coop and walked dusty across the sparse front lawn. Dooban sat on the steps of the porch, leaning back on his elbows with… Read more »

Photography by Michelle Rachel

Local photographer Michelle Rachel captures life on the island in all its majesty with this dazzling selection of photos. To see more of Michelle’s work, go to her website at: