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Margaret went outside and shot the chickens through the fence. “That was the last of our summer home,” she sighed, slinging the hot shotgun over her shoulder. She turned from the silent coop and walked dusty across the sparse front lawn. Dooban sat on the steps of the porch, leaning back on his elbows with… Read more »

Photography by Michelle Rachel

Local photographer Michelle Rachel captures life on the island in all its majesty with this dazzling selection of photos. To see more of Michelle’s work, go to her website at:

Practice makes practice

Week 1 – Asana: Creating Ease in Body We use bear breath in the gorilla pose, then transition into curved dolphins. Our summer camp cool-down activity is yoga. My 9-year-old camper with an autism spectrum disorder has a fixation with animals — mostly underwater creatures. When he’s elevated, we spend at least a half hour writing out… Read more »

Scream Queens: Is Horror the New Sanctuary for Women?

Let’s set the scene. A spooky forest, 1980-something. A bodacious blonde teenage girl (let’s call her Tammy) clomps through the thrush, calling for her lost boyfriend Trey who is so annoying and isn’t answering her calls. Not cool, Trey! Suddenly, a horrifying masked maniac leaps from the bushes, holding Trey’s severed head in one hand… Read more »