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Dispelling the kink taboo

I first started exploring BDSM when I was 13 years old. It’s been almost 10 years since then and I’ve spent most of that time feeling my way through the dark. The only way to really learn what your kinks are is to try them, but for most of that time I was afraid to… Read more »

Finding a home away from home

“It looks like the flights are delayed,” Karen informs the dozen of us standing in the small lounging area of Victoria International Airport. “It might be another hour until they arrive.” Karen directs her attention to me. “Joel is writing an article about the project; would you like to ask some questions?” I smile. “Who wants… Read more »

Meet Greg Pratt

Pratt is the current editor of Nexus magazine at Camosun College, but he began his career by writing band reviews. Being a part of the heavy metal music scene in Victoria at a young age, Pratt started, like so many of us, by writing what he knew.

Fresh Ink

A dozen years ago, this medium was reserved for bikers and thugs, but no more. Tattoos have slid under the shirtsleeves of businessmen, onto the hips of soccer moms, and behind the ears of teenagers.

A coastal journey of discovery

We are all but lonely travelers on this crowded planet. This past summer, I set out on a 33-day solo kayak trip from Victoria to Bella Bella—a distance of roughly 710 kilometres. There were many reasons for the journey that are best explained through the story. This article and the pictures shown are almost fully… Read more »

Following Brian’s Bliss

I have a confession to make: I wasn’t one of Brian Hendricks’ better students. I didn’t film the outside of his house in the dead of night and drop the film in the mailbox to get an A. In fact, I used to heckle him, and honestly, he gave as good as he got. I… Read more »