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Best ways to kill an orca

Yes, they’re beautiful, and their colours are as bold and distinct as an Oreo’s—dunked in the Pacific rather than milk — but do not be fooled: orcas are killer whales. Murderous whales. Homicidal whales.

Imagining a Mothers Against Drunk Driving music video

Does MADD acknowledge the dorky quality of its production? Certainly. But “Drink Responsibly,” like “Shots,” drops behind the veil of irony to convey its message — to be something different in order to be heard.
What has MADD dubbed the performers of their new song? FTW.

The new Hollywood superhero: The Bystander

Since the release of The Avengers — a superhero flick that unites multiple Marvel characters and marks the culmination of decades of marketing — Hollywood executives have been scratching their pates. They wonder: which hero is next?