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Family warfare: How to avoid tense family dinners this holiday

Oh, the holidays: the time of year when the reality of brown road slush and awkward encounters with your new step-brothers are etched into memories of pristine white snow and family unity. Yet there’s one part of the holidays that’s hard to avoid: awkward political conversations at the family dinner table. We love our grandparents… Read more »

Throwback Thursday: Still plenty of room to improve

It’s hard breaking campus news — we’ve got to keep reader interests at heart and step on some toes in the process, which can leave us with some criticism. So did we live up to reader’s expectations in 1977? According to the results of a poll we published in our Nov. 17 issue, that depends. While most… Read more »

Throwback Thursday: Pop goes the world

Our editorial on Nov. 4, 2004, reads: “If only our editorial could just be the word ‘fuck’ over, and over, and over again.” WELL FUCKING SAME, Martlet staff of 2004. With just over 24 hours to let the shock sink in that Donald Trump has actually won — he is the next POTUS and this isn’t a… Read more »

Students sink their teeth into spooky new food truck

A new food vendor has been spotted on campus: Romilda’s Cemedairy, an ice cream truck that serves unique flavours including blood orange, surimi, graphite, and despair. You can identify the truck by its bright red colour, chrome ice-cream-cone hood ornament, and faint ghostly wailing. It only appears after dusk, which means we should be seeing… Read more »

Throwback Thursday: Engineers are what?

Engineers: love ‘em, hate ‘em, literally can’t live without ‘em. Plus there’s that unique reputation that precedes them. Just think back to rush week and those crazy buzzcuts, or their incredible turnouts to campus-wide pub crawls — and don’t forget the twenty-four-hour access to their building for those late night cram-sessions. However, back in our Oct. 23, 1980… Read more »

How to trick-or-treat in your twenties

Do you remember when Halloween wasn’t about getting drunk at that Halloween party hosted by that friend of a roommate of yours, or what generic group costume you’ll wear? I’m talking about when Halloween was centred around that beautiful western tradition called trick-or-treating, the one night of the year where kids are allowed to take… Read more »