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Any ideas?

In its seventh year, IdeaFest goes well beyond being a UVic TED Talk Ideafest is UVic’s annual, free, public research festival designed to showcase world-class scholastic research in ways that are fun and accessible. For the festival’s sixth year, over 40 events will be held on campus and in surrounding areas from March 5–10. In… Read more »

Here’s all you need to know about voting

For the next three days, students will have their say in how they are represented and advocated for on campus. Whether it’s menu options at Felicita’s, resources for sexualized violence awareness, or tuition fee caps, our student politicians can affect a lot of things on campus, and so it’s important that you know some stuff… Read more »

UVSS Directors debate a tame affair

Candidates rarely stray from platform talking points in lethargic afternoon An hour and 26 minutes into the UVSS Directors Debate, held at Cinecenta on Feb. 27, Ainsley Kerr, candidate for Director of Campaigns and Community Relations, asked a question of her opponent Ciel Arbour-Boehme. “What sort of steps do you think you’ll have to take… Read more »

Senate and Board of Governor candidates forum fails to draw audience

Reform and engagement big talking points at poorly attended forum If students had come to the Senate, Board of Governors, and Referenda forum held Feb. 26 at Cinecenta, they would have heard some strong words regarding university governance and institutional reform. Whether it was on Indigenizing UVic’s faculty and administration, making textbooks affordable, or the… Read more »

Health care plan faces life-saving vote

Referenda would see tiered plan, option for board-governed fee increases Mackenzie Cumberland, Director of Finance and Operations with the UVSS, does not mince her words when it comes to envisioning a future in which her two health care referendum questions fail. “There’d be very great reductions in coverage,” Cumberland warned, speaking after the UVSS approved… Read more »

Food Bank referendum seeks to increase funds, resources

From Feb. 28 to March 2, students will be asked by the UVSS to vote on a referendum to increase student contributions to the Food Bank Fund. If passed, fees will rise by 75 cents for full time students and 37 cents for part time students, per semester, starting this fall. This referendum, like the… Read more »

Two students almost arrested at latest YPY protest

CSEC, Saanich PD called once students started taking down flags Youth Protecting Youth’s latest demonstration was even more visually striking and ended even more dramatically than the first, with two students threatened with arrest. The flags — 10 000 of them, each representing 10 abortions performed in Canada a year  — caught the eye when set against the bright, fresh… Read more »

2018 UVSS Election: Ciel Arbour-Boehme

Ciel Arbour-Boehme is running for Director of Campaigns and Community Relations as a Purple Party independent in the 2018 UVSS Election. What are the three most important aspects of your campaign platform? The first one is to lobby the provincial government for non-repayable needs-based grants for mid-to-low-income students. B.C. is the only province in Canada… Read more »

2018 UVSS Election: Dirk Slot

Dirk Slot is an independent running in the 2018 UVSS Election for Director of Student Affairs. What are the three most important aspects of your campaign platform? When I put my platform together, the most important aspect for me was making the whole process a little friendlier. So, my platform is more of a cover… Read more »

2018 UVSS Election: Envision Slate

Envision is a slate running candidates for all positions in the 2018 UVSS Election. Candidates for the Envision Slate: Curtis Whittla Director of Finance and Operations Isabella Lee Director of Student Affairs Pierre-Paul Angelblazer Director of Outreach and University Relations Noor Chasib Director of Events  Ainsley Kerr Director of campaigns and community relations (not pictured)   What are… Read more »