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UVic’s POLIS responds to Water Sustainability Act proposal

[Correction, Nov. 7, 2013: This article was printed with a misplaced word. The below has been corrected to reflect that Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, president of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, does not believe that there has been an adequate forum for consultation. The editors apologize for our error.]   Although the B.C. Liberals… Read more »

CRD faces compost quandary

Oct. 24, local composting business Pedal to Petal sent out an email to its clients in response to the Capital Regional District’s (CRD) recent processing problems with the kitchen scraps strategy. In the email, Pedal to Petal says the CRD’s strategy is failing due to a lack of facilities to handle the scraps collected. The… Read more »

Big fuss over micro-lofts

On Oct. 24, Victoria city council unanimously approved a plan to redevelop the long-deserted Janion building, despite objections from some neighbouring residents. The proposal by Reliance Properties will convert the former hotel, located at 1612–1614 Store St., into a series of micro-lofts, the bulk of which will be 250–350 square feet in size, along with… Read more »

Grad pancake breakfast provides legal advice to international students

The Graduate Students’ Society (GSS) hosted its fifth annual grad student pancake breakfast on Oct. 22 to welcome international grad students. This year, however, the international students were offered more than just pancakes, hash browns, and coffee. For the first time since its debut, legal counsel was set up for international students struggling with the… Read more »

Citizens for Safe Technology takes action against B.C. Hydro

The group Citizens for Safe Technology (CST) and its supporters have initiated legal action against B.C. Hydro for its implementation of the Smart Meter. They believe the Smart Meter invades people’s human and civil rights. According to Sharon Noble, director of CST, two lawsuits are in progress: one for violation of human rights and the… Read more »

UVic International Commons launches new programs in collaborative effort

The International Commons (IC) in McPherson Library is launching more than 20 new programs this semester, says IC Program Co-ordinator Adam Yaghi. The most recent ones are English 135 and 101 drop-in help, academic advising, the English Conversation Café, and writing help. The IC aims to help integration of international students into the UVic community,… Read more »

Downtown smoking areas restricted by bylaws

Smokers are being pushed farther and farther away from the non-smoking public as the Capital Regional District (CRD) board recently amended its Clean Air policy. The policy formerly banned lit cigarettes within a three-metre radius of any door, window, or air intake. After the CRD board’s meeting on Oct. 9, that radius has more than… Read more »

CanAssist can assist you

UVic-based organization CanAssist has a growing reputation for excellence when it comes to providing assistance to people with disabilities. The group is notable not just for the quantity of cases in which it has provided services, but for the quality of those services, and the inventiveness of its customized devices and individually tailored solutions. In… Read more »

UVic urban gamers play Humans vs. Zombies on campus

On Oct. 19, there was no more room in hell and the dead walked the earth. The UVic Urban Gaming Club banded together to battle zombies that had infiltrated UVic’s campus. The battle was waged from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. with just over 200 people participating, and saw many casualties as well as heroes…. Read more »

UVSS AGM fails to make quorum

The University of Victoria Students’ Society’s (UVSS) Annual General Meeting (AGM) was unable to address its hot topic issues on Oct. 17. The issues were an increase of Executive Directors’ hours of payment, an amendment that would allow board executives to not be students for their first term as directors, and the Catholic Students’ Association’s… Read more »