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Changes to liquor laws not all about availability

Since Sept. 2013, the B.C. government has been working to remodel the province’s liquor laws. The government released its final recommendations Jan. 31, which highlight things like allowing alcohol to be sold in grocery stores, removing the fences around beer gardens, and allowing establishments to offer happy hours. Though desire for added convenience has influenced… Read more »

Award-winning educator questions UVic’s testing techniques

While UVic conducted surveys to determine why people choose UVic, one parent and educator has questioned UVic’s use of multiple-choice testing. UVic’s webpage states, “Instructors at UVic have become recognized innovators in developing and identifying teaching practices which best support student engagement and success.” It is a statement that Michael Maser, educator and father of… Read more »

Government of Canada launches innovative Holocaust remembrance and education program

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), in congruence with the National Film board of Canada (NFB), has initiated a new education program to provide Canadian educators with resources for teaching the events of the Holocaust. International Holocaust Remembrance day took place on Jan. 27, the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. To commemorate… Read more »

The cyberbirds and the cyberbees

Cybersex may be a taboo subject for some, but in academic circles, no issue is off the table. Post-Doctoral Fellow Krystelle Shaughnessy, of the Department of Psychology and the Centre for Mental Health Research at the University of Waterloo, is seeking to educate people on cybersex through her research. For Shaughnessy’s purposes, cybersex is defined… Read more »

Who’s your daddy?

Money, jewelry, clothes, cars, international holidays, and, most importantly, tuition and books. Many people would love to meet a fabulously wealthy benefactor who loved to give such gifts, all for the delight of their company. As it turns out, the number of university students looking for just this is increasing rapidly as more people start… Read more »

Will to game: Multi-touch

Playing games is a great way to share experiences with your partner, possibly while gaining experience points. Video games in particular can be an important part of any relationship; they will bring you together and let you blow each other apart. Almost everyone has their own favourite game, but if you are not lucky enough… Read more »

Victoria’s new Youth Poet Laureate looks to propel youth arts

“I really believe there are so many young people in this town that are revolutionizing spoken word.” That’s a quote from Victoria’s new Youth Poet Laureate (YPL), Morgan Purvis. Purvis, a business student at Camosun, has worn the title of Youth Poet Laureate since Jan. 13 and is already planning events, and stirring up the… Read more »

Bitcoin 101

Imagine this: you’re shopping online for a new Hello Kitty iPhone cover. You go to pay the merchant, but rather than giving them a credit card number, you transfer money directly from your browser to their server. No banks, no credit card companies, no consortium of financial firms sharing data (like Canada’s Interac). There is… Read more »