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UVic to be part of PowerShift event

Tomorrow night, hundreds of youth will join together for PowerShift B.C., a three-day event which aims to connect and inspire youth to tackle the most pressing challenges our province, and humanity, face today. For the first time in Canada, PowerShift is leaving Ottawa and coming across the country to Victoria, B.C. This event features a… Read more »

10-year moratorium on campus deforestation to expire

The trail on the journey between the MacLaurin building end of the quad and the Engineering building is as eccentric as routes between classes go. It seems like a trek through the wilderness, except it’s less than 100 metres long. Like most places on the UVic campus, there is history there. The woods that the… Read more »

Campaign proposes new labels on fuel pumps

Environmental group Our Horizon is keen to put images of arctic ice floes melting, children starving, or species going extinct in front of consumers while they fuel up. The group is moving toward petitioning municipalities to demand new labels on fuel pumps. Our Horizon’s thinking behind this is that it will help to narrow the… Read more »

Games for the bus

If a busy schedule has you on the go, you may feel relegated to the grind of Candy Crush Saga or one of the many Angry Birds clones. But transit time doesn’t have to mean wasted time—there are some great experiences available to you on your phone. When you are pressed shoulder to shoulder, hip… Read more »

‘Amalgamation Yes’ aims to restructure Greater Victoria

Three cities, seven districts, two towns, and a township make up what is known as Greater Victoria. Spanning from Sidney to North Saanich and all the way down to Sooke, the distance spans 63 kilometres. These are areas that the movement titled Amalgamation Yes suggests ought to be united. It’s an idea that’s been in… Read more »

Department of Germanic Studies launches its first Conversation Café

On Sept. 19, the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies enjoyed a successful turnout for the first session of German Conversation Café, which takes place every Thursday from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. in the McPherson Library’s international commons, next to the Maltwood Gallery, room A025. It welcomes all German speakers of any background to talk… Read more »

A smartphone with exchangeable hardware

If you tell me that you’ve never complained about your phone, I’ll tell you that you’re lying. We’ve all had phones suddenly stop working or become painfully slow overnight for no reason. We’ve all seen a friend’s screen turn into an intricate web of fractures after a simple standing-height fall. When these things happen, one… Read more »

New bus exchange to neighbour the SUB

A new set of 10 bus bays, like the set of 11 bays in front of the UVic Bookstore, is in development for beside the Student Union Building (SUB). B.C. Transit and the university had been in talks to add three bus spots along Ring Road, in addition to the existing three on the ring,… Read more »

York University looks to hire teaching-only faculty

The Gazette — ONTARIO — Most students are aware that an extensive amount of their professors’ time goes to research in addition to their teaching duties. York University, however, has become the first university in Canada to announce extensive hiring of teaching-only professors, who will focus on teaching almost exclusively while doing little or no… Read more »

Can cell service in Canada get more expensive?

You’re probably well aware that Canadians pay among the highest cell phone rates in the world. In fact, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada ranked 32 out of the world’s leading 34 industrialized countries for expense of data-only smartphone plans. This kind of data doesn’t settle very well with most… Read more »