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Trump’s ‘war on science’: Just ask Canada

On Jan. 25, President Donald Trump announced a temporary media and funding black-out that effectively gagged federal science agencies (including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Health Department) and clenching research grants in a big neoliberal fist. This ‘war on science’ has perked the ears of Canadians, who haven’t yet forgotten the Harper… Read more »

Letters—Feb. 9

Re: “Let the students edit,” Jan. 26 Dear Editor, The editorial is quite surprising to read, since I was always under the assumption that peer edited work was always supported by educational institutions (since the creative writing department at Camosun College actively encourages workshops between stu- dents). This Policy on Academic Integrity amendment definitely seems… Read more »

Lift the ban on discussion

Standing against injustice starts in the classroom Last Monday, Jan. 30, I sat down for my morning lecture with an expectation: a discussion about Islamophobia. I’m an undergraduate member of the Humanities, and I’m used to topics of injustice surfacing in the classroom. I’m referencing Islamophobia hidden under the guise of the seven-nation travel ban… Read more »

Bad Date Confessions: Volume Three

I was in my first year at UVic, and I was going on only the second or third date I’d ever been on in my life. He picked me up in his car and the small talk was easy and flirty. I was feeling good about the whole thing; he seemed like a keeper. We… Read more »

It’s time for Hollywood to split with mental illness stereotypes

True horror lies in lived experience of the mentally ill, not cinematic sensationalism This article originally appeared in The Fulcrum, the University of Ottawa’s student newspaper, on Feb. 2. OTTAWA—To quote an episode of the 1990s X-Men cartoon, “people fear what they do not understand.” Nowhere is this more evident than when we discuss the… Read more »

EDITORIAL: Let the students edit

The UVic Senate meeting on Jan. 6 left a lot up in the air after amendments to the university’s policy on the use of editing services by students were sent back to committee for revision. The proposed amendments to UVic’s Policy on Academic Integrity (PAI) prohibited the use of editors unless specifically authorized by an… Read more »

Trump’s presidency a cause for compassion

The multicultural mosaic that paints the free world isn’t just pretty, it’s practical — so here’s hoping it weathers the storm of Donald Trump’s presidency. For this mosaic to be preserved, Trump’s unabashed bigotry needs to be challenged. It’s not actually such a tall task; like with many aspects of Trump, his intolerance is as absurd as… Read more »

EDITORIAL: What the Martlet wants to see in 2017

With a new year comes new oppor- tunities for reflection, and we’re not excluded from that. So what does the Martlet want to see more of this year? First, let’s see more engagement in student politics. While we try our best to inform students what’s going on with their elected representatives, and are always stoked… Read more »