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Vikes earn silver at the CIS Championships on home turf

UVic’s field hockey pitch played host last weekend to the 2013 CIS National Championships. With the top seed, UVic looked poised to win their 12th national title since 1984. The host team is guaranteed a bid to the tournament, but that wasn’t enough for this young, scrappy Vikes squad. They wanted to earn their bid… Read more »

Vikes fall sports—What’s on the horizon?

Men’s Basketball The men’s Vikes basketball team has gotten off to a wicked start going 5-2 in preseason competition and look to follow it up with another CIS final-eight appearance. After sweeping their season-opening weekend in the Prairies, the Vikes look hot heading into their home opener on Nov. 8, 2013, against the University of… Read more »

Vikes ready to ball

The Vikes men’s basketball team is riding into the regular season with plenty of momentum after a strong preseason showing, highlighted by an undefeated run in the UBC Tournament. UVic’s play went a long way in justifying the high hopes the community has for the team after their impressive finish as one of the final… Read more »

Sawicki looks to put a ring on it

Though few may guess it, Jaclyn Sawicki didn’t possess the stereotypical love of all things sports that many successful athletes appear to have as a child. Rather, her first encounter with soccer came through her mother. For the past three years, Sawicki has been a staple on the Canadian soccer scene, guiding her various teams… Read more »

Taking the stress out of stress

You have a paper due for each class, every spare moment is spent studying for the upcoming midterms, your significant other has been texting you madly about not spending enough time together, and your parents keep calling you to ask why you haven’t called. You don’t even have enough energy left to think about final… Read more »

Tips from Olympian Adam Kreek on academic goals

“Doing the thing is like the candy you earned.” – Adam Kreek, at Science North 2013 Twenty-nine feet long, six wide; four men sharing less than 100 square feet; a boat, an ocean, a journey. Could you do it? It takes adaptation and an adherence to a belief. For Olympic gold medalist Adam Kreek and his… Read more »

Roundtable discussions on mental health aim to end stigma

Going to university should be monumental in a person’s life; for many students it’s a time of growth that involves heightened responsibilities. But, with the responsibility of a university education comes pressure and stress which can lead to mental health issues or worsen pre-existing mental illnesses. Cindy Player, director of Human Rights at UVic, is… Read more »

‘It’s certainly not a passive sport’

Getting a university education is an important step in making yourself a desirable candidate in the job market, but finding and being hired into a career after you’ve completed your education is a completely different challenge which many students struggle with. Joy Poliquin, communications officer for UVic’s Co-operative Education Program and Career Services, says, “Don’t… Read more »

CanAssist can assist you

UVic-based organization CanAssist has a growing reputation for excellence when it comes to providing assistance to people with disabilities. The group is notable not just for the quantity of cases in which it has provided services, but for the quality of those services, and the inventiveness of its customized devices and individually tailored solutions. In… Read more »