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Imagine costs

Anyone who’s set foot on the UVic campus this term has most likely noticed the major construction project behind the McKinnon Gym. Though it may not look like much at the moment, aside from an obstacle to those who used to cut through to class on Gabriola Road, this northern area of campus is slowly… Read more »

Vikes track star Rachel Francois runs to her future

Rachel Francois is running from class to her track practice. Born into a family of star runners (her father, André Francois, was an Olympic sprinter and her mother, Julie, was also a high-level track star), she’s been on the move since she was a toddler. Spending much of her childhood at the track watching her… Read more »

Setting the bar

The Vikes golf team return from a successful tournament in Portland, Oregon and both the women’s and men’s teams are happy with their results. The women finished first, shooting a +85 combined, while the men tied for third, shooting a +5 collectively. While they are happy with the tournament, they are looking to improve and… Read more »

Reaching New Heights

Imagine a solitary person walking out onto a soft, padded, stage in front of thousands of people. The crowd is oddly silent, even tense. He turns his back on the audience and looks up at the back wall, covered in pieces of plastic—some small, some large and oddly shaped—up its entire 60-foot height. None of… Read more »

Not with a bang but a whimper

On Sept. 23, with very little fanfare, a consortium led by Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. (FFH), a Canadian financial holding group, announced its intention to acquire BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY), a Canadian multinational telecommunications corporation. Fairfax is set to acquire BlackBerry by early November, following due diligence and authorization by regulators. The sale will effectively take… Read more »

The science of stretching

  Stretching has been a part of my workout routine for years. It seems like a natural, common-sense activity. I had always assumed it was playing an important role in my health and fitness. Recently, however, I was irritated to discover that many of the reasons I spend time stretching have been invalidated by science…. Read more »

UVic men’s rowing team has one mighty goal in mind

In 2010, the Vikes men’s rowing team won gold at the Canadian University Rowing Championships. Coming in second last season by a mere one point behind Brock University, they are raring to go for the 2013 season. Assistant captain and 2012-13 rookie of the year Alex Walker, 21, says the team’s main goal is to… Read more »

Grizzlies penned up at home


After three weekends of not playing on the road, the BCHL’s Victoria Grizzlies were looking forward to playing inside the home confines of the Bear Mountain Arena in Colwood. However, following a tie to the last place team in the league Sept. 27 and an outright loss on Sept. 28, perhaps the road may be… Read more »

The winding road from small-town kid to UVic soccer star

He’s been the face of UVic men’s soccer for the past two years, bringing the Vikes their fifth all-time national championship along with back-to-back playoff appearances. Now, in his third year, midfielder Cam Hundal continues to lead the UVic squad as they begin their pursuit of the 2013 title. While many know of his accomplishments… Read more »

Five-or-more-year degrees the norm at UVic?

My winding path through university has led me to transfer from UVic to Queen’s University and back to UVic in the span of five years. Spending time at universities on both sides of the country has opened my eyes to the many differences in campus cultures across Canada. Most notably, it seems that students I’ve… Read more »