Hi! You're on this page because you're interested in helping the Martlet with its 70th anniversary fundraiser. Thank you!

By donating to our GoFundMe, you ensure that we keep churning out individuals who understand the importance of holding power to account; are critical and compassionate people; and have plenty of experience drinking their way into accidentally publishing papers every once in a while.
When it comes down to it, what's more important than that?

For more information on what we do and why this fundraiser is important, read the Letter from our Editors.

Martlet Merch

We've got Martlet merch for sale, designed by UVic student and Martlet Graphics Contributor Nat Inez.

To get some for yourself and every member of your family, please come down to our office (B011 in the SUB) or contact

Merch Prices

  • T-shirts - 20$ (S,M,L) Both the typewriter and printing press designs are available on black or white shirts.
  • Martlet Mugs - 10$
  • Tote bags - 10$
  • Stickers - 3 for 5$


    Martlet Alumni Testimonials

    Here are some testimonials by former Martlet staff that answer an important question: why do we need the Martlet? We will be publishing them throughout the next two weeks.

    In reading them, we hope you understand the importance of our paper and the scope of what our alumni go on to do. Whether it's reporting on the opioid crisis, teaching at UVic, or being the Mayor of Victoria, we Martleteers have done some incredible things.



    We invite everyone to give generously. Whether you have written for the Martlet, been interviewed and quoted (hopefully correctly), or just read a paper, this is your fundraiser for your newspaper. We are independent, student-run, and desperate to make a difference.