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Business Manager
Volunteer Co-ordinator

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by Monday, July 21 at 11:59 p.m..


Business Manager

Overview of position:
Under direction of the Martlet staff and in accordance with bylaws and policies of the Martlet Publishing Society, the business manager is responsible for the overall administration and operation of the Martlet. The business manager is also responsible for managing the revenue and expenses of the Martlet.

Organizational relationship:
The business manager reports to the board of directors on administrative and budget decisions. The business manager works with the EIC and production coordinator on equal terms to make decisions on the operation of the Martlet. The business manager directly supervises all non-editorial and non-production staff of the Martlet and is ultimately responsible for all part-time hiring decisions. The business manager works with any outside agencies to carry out the functions of the paper.


— Hiring – While hiring p/t staff is done by the EIC, proco and business manager, the business manager is ultimately responsible for p/t staff
— Evaluate p/t staff job performance in the middle of the year and meet individually with each staff member to discuss the evaluation
— Process payroll for full and part-time staff
— Maintain employee files
— Maintain knowledge of employment guidelines and laws.
— Issue ROEs at end of employment.
— Manage work study hours and students

Production and Distribution
Ultimately responsible for distribution of the Martlet on and off campus
— Hire distribution staff
— Maintain Martlet boxes and racks
— Track drop spots and pick-up rates to optimize pick-up
— Dummy the paper each week (decide number of pages, colour pages, and placement)
— Communicate with printers on the size of paper and number of copies each week
— Arrange and ensure delivery of the paper to the SUB by 10 a.m. on publication day
— Arrange rental vehicle for distribution days

Invoice advertisers
— Collect on invoices
— Manage the flow of money
— Enter purchases, including reconciling Visa statement, and pay bills on time
— Manage petty cash
— Work with bookkeeper to balance finances and to ensure that financial procedures are in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

Assess the financial needs of the Martlet, create budget for each year (May-April) and have it approved by the MPS board
— Updated the budget monthly

Sell ad space in the Martlet and on to UVic, UVSS and local businesses and organizations
— Seek out new advertisers, maintain advertising contacts
— Work with advertisers to meet print deadlines for contracts and artwork
— Create and maintain ad schedule
— Maintain a policy to deal with controversial ads

Serve on the MPS board as a non-voting officer
— Attend board meetings and prepare reports for the board
— Prepare financial reports for board meetings

Office Management
Ensure office is staffed during office hours
— Order office supplies
— Ensure that staff have the tools needed to do their job
— Liaise with UVSS general office staff
— Initiate an annual strategic planning process
— Submit a transition report at the end of tenure

Have experience or knowledge of payroll, bookkeeping, HR and business management
— Ability to work long hours in a high-pressure student environment with staff and volunteers who hold diverse perspectives.
— Interest in and experience with managing a newspaper an asset
— Commitment to the goals of the Martlet
— Conflict management training an asset
— Experience in advertising sales an asset

Hours and pay:
The pay is salary at a rate of $1200 paid twice a month, based on a 35-hour workweek.
This position is temporary to cover maternity leave and starts August 14, 2014 and runs for 10 months, with the possibility of going longer.

Application deadline:
Send a cover letter and résumé to business@martlet.caby Monday, July 21 at 11:59 p.m.



Volunteer Co-ordinator

Overview of position:
In co-operation with the Martlet staff and in accordance with the bylaws and policies of the society, the volunteer coordinator will be responsible for the recruitment, organization, and integration of Martlet volunteers and promoting the Martlet to the UVic community. All potential volunteers and contributors will go through the volunteer coordinator, through an established stream.

Organizational relationship:
The volunteer coordinator reports to the business manager, the EIC and production coordinator. The successful candidate will communicate with Martlet staff on the volunteering needs of each section. They will communicate with, organize and direct first time volunteers to their area of interest, including managing volunteers. The volunteer coordinator will ensure each volunteer is able to gain rewarding, hands-on experience through volunteering their time at the Martlet.

— Create a Martlet volunteer program for recruiting and ensuring both volunteers and contributors get the experience they want from the Martlet
— Communicate with Martlet staff and brainstorm volunteer goals for 2014/2015 academic year
— Set up volunteer structure for fall/winter
— Create a volunteer/contributor manual
— Communicate with both Martlet staff and university faculties for potential class credit related to volunteering/contributing for fall and winter semesters
— Plan and coordinate Martlet volunteer promotions for “welcome week” and fall and winter semesters (tabling, posters, videos, ect.)
— Coordinate with other UVic organizations in relation to events and promotions for 2014/2015 (UVSS, clubs and course union days, CFUV, student housing)
— Aid the business manager in creating intern and high school work-experience opportunities
— Create an organizational system for keeping track of volunteer experiences and feedback
— Plan fundraisers for fall/winter semesters (with help of staff)
— Schedule and implement promotional class visits (including UVic classes, Camosun, high schools)
— Host Martlet tables on campus or scheduling volunteers to do so
— Meet with new volunteers individually to discover their wants and needs in relation to the Martlet’s operations.
— Maintain and organize volunteer database and e-mail listservs
— Manage, plan and coordinate (with the help of other staff members) volunteer activities within the Martlet (first-time activities, workshops, orientation)
— Keep potential volunteers up to date on opportunities through Twitter and Facebook
— Work with the business manager to seek out alternative funding and grants
— Promote Martlet initiatives, contests and special events

— Commitment to the goals of the Martlet
— Knowledge of the Martlet organizational structure and production schedule
— Some experience in managing volunteers or other personnel is an asset
— Ability to take initiative, work independently as well as part of a team
— Outgoing and friendly attitude

Hours and pay:
The job starts August 11, 2014. There is three weeks of unpaid leave from December 8 – 29. The job end date is April 3, 2015.
35 hours per week, $11 per hour

Application deadline:
Send a cover letter and résumé to by Monday, July 21 at 11:59 p.m.
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