Letter: UVic Food Services operates at highest standard

We are disappointed in the March 9 Martlet story, “Lax food standards give UVic students a case of indigestion.” [Online headline: “Bugs, mould, other horrors discovered in residence meals”] Dishing up nutritious, healthy food for students keeps the staff at UVic Food Services busy 365 days a year. As with all B.C. institutional food providers, facilities are inspected regularly to ensure a high level of food safety is maintained in accordance with federal and provincial standards. Since June 2016, UVic Food Services has logged and passed 15 standard food facility inspections by Island Health with no critical hazards noted. These reports are freely available and the most recent one was provided to your reporter.

All food services staff possess FOODSAFE certification as a condition of employment. UVic Food Services makes every effort to ensure our food supply chain is managed professionally and safely. We are concerned the Martlet has promulgated inaccuracies about UVic Food Services, with unverified photos and information that is largely anecdotal and unsubstantiated. It is always helpful to hear of any food-related concerns in the moment, when they can be effectively addressed. The reporter was provided an opportunity to tour the commercial kitchen(s) which was not accepted. The goal of UVic Food Services is to always provide students with a quality and healthy dining experience.

Jim Forbes,

Director, Campus Services

University of Victoria


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Avatar getreal

Previous to June 2016, the standard food facility inspections reveal critical hazards such as the improper cleaning, sanitizing of equipment and utensils. The 15 inspections of the past year similarly detail code violations related to the cleanliness of facilities and storage of food. And The Martlet’s job is to report both the students’ anecdotal experience, and provide UVic the opportunity to verify these experiences, which they chose not to do. The story does not claim that the anecdotes or photos are substantiated and verified, leaving it up to the reader to draw their own conclusion. So what is the point of this letter?

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