LETTERS, JUNE 14, 2012

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In defence of Quebec students

All countries should be seeking to improve their education systems and to respond better to student concerns of having access to a higher quality of post-secondary schooling.

Violence aside for a moment: will raising tuition fees help Quebec balance its budget? Possibly, although I don’t believe it has worked anywhere before. But increasing costs for students is hardly the most fair or economically sound way to accomplish this. Rather than burden Quebec’s future knowledge workers, we baby boomers, whose livelihoods were built on the largesse of the Quiet Revolution, should be the ones to sacrifice. Addressing the systemic runaway spending must be the priority, or tuition fees will just be raised again and again.

Quebec students aren’t selfishly protesting a modest tuition increase. They’re fighting a policy that is economically and socially unjustifiable. They see the long-term implications that their counterparts in Ontario failed to see 15 years ago.

Watching the heavy-handed response by the Quebec government is frustrating, and what will turn the tides will be more Canadians coming out to support their future: the students. Student learning is influenced by many factors, including students’ skills, expectations, motivation, behaviour, family resources and our attitudes toward them.

William Perry

Community member

Don’t spend our money on Quebec
Re: “UVSS to fund Quebec student unions” (martlet.ca, May 29)

Awesome. In addition to my tax dollars helping subsidize the low tuition and generous social services offered to a bunch of kids on the other side of the continent, my student union fees will help them get out of jail after they break some windows. Meanwhile, UVic students benefit how?

Juwan Howard

via martlet.ca

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