LETTERS, MAY 10 – Gang wars: not just an online game

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In my experience, the failure of B.C. law enforcement agencies to gather, monitor and retain intelligence on gangs has created a dangerous climate. In fact, anti-gang programs designed to dismantle gangs are failing.
Investigations aimed at determining whether street gangs are involved in organized crime such as robberies, burglaries and destruction of property have, ironically, been blind to the growth of gangs and their memberships.

I believe police have conducted enough research, and that generally, the legislation is workable. They know all they are prepared to take in about gangs. I believe they lack a plan.

I think the unwillingness of police and the province to take a hard look at themselves is a “cop”-out. We need to attack the problem now, as it is getting right out of hand. Youth gangs have been around Victoria for a long time now. Programs to combat this go on, funded by the taxpayer, not due to their successes, but rather their failures.

Just about anyone can build a gang and establish “street cred” for their crew based on individual and team achievements. They can stake a claim in the future of the city and rule the streets. It’s all achievable in bountiful B.C.

William Perry
Community member

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