The Rule of Three

Breaking down the Bigsby’s Martlet dynasty Jim Bigsby, my granddad, would describe his UVic education as a major in the Martlet with a minor in Economics and Political Science. And while his degree certificate may only make note of a double major in Economics and Political Science, him being the Managing Editor and subsequently the Martlet’s… Read more »

Mountains of royally wasted bagels

Stores must do a better job donating food waste Victoria has a reputation as a fairly environmentally friendly city, and I’ve always thought people here seemed quite conscious of food waste. However, I’ve started to doubt that I assumed correctly. Upon moving to Victoria from Kelowna this September, I quickly integrated myself into the dumpster… Read more »

Petition asks for UVic to move towards reusable cups

A petition launched by the UVic Sustainability Movement (UVSM) in hopes of persuading the university to move away from distributing paper coffee cups on campus has garnered over 1 500 signatures in just over a month and is picking up steam. “At UVic, over 4 500 paper coffee cups are thrown out every day,” the UVSM writes… Read more »

Why Victoria marches

Violence towards Indigenous people in Canada is not only historical On Feb. 17, I participated in Victoria’s Stolen Sisters Memorial March, standing behind the Indigenous women, girls, and 2spirit drummers and singers who were leading the community. We walked to remember and honour Indigenous women, girls, and 2spirit people who have gone missing and been… Read more »

Sports are worth how much?

UVic alumnus’s book a great insight into the economics of pro sports Have you ever wondered why Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry can earn a contract worth $201 million? Have you ever scratched your head when asked why tickets, jerseys and merchandise are so expensive, yet stadiums often become the burden of taxpayers? Are… Read more »

UVic energy plant delayed, but still on the way

$20-million plant being built by Fine Arts buildings Nearly $20 million has been budgeted for a new campus energy plant, which is currently under construction between the Interfaith Chapel and the Fine Arts Buildings. Although UVic originally intended for the building to be operational by March after breaking ground in the summer of 2017, UVic… Read more »

Where’d the second slate go?

Oligarchies, death threats, and car accidents: why only one slate ran in the 2018 UVSS election Although there’s nothing new about a single slate sweeping the UVSS elections, this year was the first time in recent history that a second full slate failed to materialize in time to run. Before the campaigning even started, the… Read more »

5 Days of Action brings awareness to inclusion on campus

The “5 Days of Action; 365 Days of Commitment” is a five-day event on campus that UVic hopes will engage the community in a dialogue to end discrimination, harassment, and sexualized violence. Organized by UVic’s Equity and Human Rights Office (EQHR), the five-day movement runs from March 19–23 and includes interdisciplinary events like workshops, panels,… Read more »

Our International Women’s Day cover

Visual Arts student Taryn Walker on designing our International Women’s Day cover Creating the cover for the International Women’s Day issue of the Martlet was quite the challenge. For me, it was important to present an image of femininity and womanhood that was both diverse and inclusive. Specifically, I wanted to celebrate the strength, resilience,… Read more »