John Lutz: The Importance of the Martlet

As part of the Martlet 70 Fundraiser, we’ve asked former Martlet staff to answer an important question: why do we need the Martlet? It’s not just a newspaper. Of the many reasons one might give for the vital importance of the Martlet: students’ need for knowledge and transparency about events and activities that affect them;… Read more »

Käthe Lemon: Why do we need the Martlet?

As part of the Martlet 70 Fundraiser, we’ve asked former Martlet staff to answer an important question: why do we need the Martlet? 1) In this era of truthiness and #fakenews we need readers and writers who think critically about information — the Martlet produces both. 2) The media landscape is quicksand beneath our feet… Read more »

Why are there so many Albertans at UVic?

It’s a situation we’ve all been in. You’re out with some new University of Victoria friends, getting some drinks, and learning about these people you’re really excited to get to know. “Where are you from?” you ask, taking a drink of Hoyne Dark Matter because you’re an unabashed and unoriginal West Coaster. “Calgary,” says the… Read more »

New writing prof brings international journalism experience to UVic

Deborah Campbell is no stranger to new adventures. From uncovering stories in Egypt, Iran, and Russia, to working undercover in Syria, Campbell brings a wealth of knowledge to her newest adventure as the UVic Creative Writing Department’s new assistant professor of creative nonfiction in September 2018 and Director of the Professional Writing program in January… Read more »

The real star of Black Panther

The Wakandan technology, its symbolism, and the female character behind it all Just a warning, there’s some spoilers ahead. I’d strongly suggest you go and watch the Black Panther movie soon — I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. It’s easy to see that the real star of Black Panther isn’t T’Challa, the Black Panther, but the technology and… Read more »

Kevin Underhill: Why do we need the Martlet?

The Martlet is an extremely valuable community newspaper in Victoria. Not only does it serve the students, staff and employees of the University, it shares UVic news in the greater Victoria area and keeps alumni up to date via the website/social media. I thoroughly enjoyed my three years volunteering and working in the Martlet Newsroom…. Read more »

Kim Balfour: Why do we need the Martlet?

It depends on who “we” are. As a Martlet co-editor, 30+ years ago, I learned valuable life lessons that serve me well today. Not the least: Ask lots of questions, don’t take ‘no comment’ for an answer, don’t bury the lead, fact checking is hard but retractions are worse, and shit happens when you miss… Read more »

The signs suffering through exam season

Aries (Mar 21 — April 19) Your hot head is an issue when it comes to studying. With the Aries season (your messiest time of year) coming to a close, try to stay on topic and burn through your exams. Taurus (April 20 — May 20) I see you counting down the days until your birthday. Remember, you have… Read more »

Confabulation pushes the power of stories

Victoria’s live storytelling series is raw, real, and winning hearts People love stories, and listening to a good story told well is time well-spent. However, it happens too often nowadays that we only hear from people online or see their stories as videos on our newsfeeds. Being caught up in the hustle and bustle stops… Read more »

UVic professor gets shoutout on Jeopardy

”Linguistics, 1200,” says the Jeopardy contestant on the March 26, 2018 edition of the show. Alex Trebek, doing his best (see: worst) Valley Girl accent, reads the clue: “Alexandra D’Arcy wrote a book on this word, as in ‘I’m ____ totally mad because Kim was all, ____, why can’t I date Kevin?’” The contestant buzzes… Read more »