Cheap date spots in Victoria Part II

10 cool, inexpensive places for a date near UVic Valentine’s day is almost upon us, kids! Whether you put it out of your mind for the sake of your sanity, you’re pretending it doesn’t exist because it’s too expensive and depressing, or you just genuinely forgot, The Martlet is here to help. Last year, we… Read more »

Lawless colonialism in Canada

News Unsettled: the Native Students’ Union regular column In the wild west of Aboriginal law, Canada shoots first and asks questions later. For several hundreds of years, the Crown has disregarded Indigenous sovereignty in order to access land resources. From beaver to bitumen, colonial forces have wielded their military might to extract as much profit… Read more »

Victoria Film Festival 2019: 306 Hollywood review

On Feb. 2, I had the pleasure seeing the Bojarín siblings’ innovative family documentary 306 Hollywood, as part of the Victoria Film Festival’s 25th anniversary. The film details the story of their Grandma Annette, as told through the items in her home after her death in 2001. Through thorough investigation and artistic organization, the Bojaríns attempt… Read more »

UVic in photos: The Blizzard of 2019

On Friday, Feb. 8, Victoria saw a very unfamiliar sight: snow. The white, fluffy stuff that Canada is famous for blew all the way over to the West Coast for a rather chilly day filled with giant snowballs, hot chocolates, and frozen trees. We took a walk around the University of Victoria campus to see… Read more »

Divest UVic: It’s time to break up with fossil fuels

After a year of silence, Divest UVic is back. We checked in with what they have planned for the coming year, the history of divestment at UVic, and the strategic coordination by Canadian universities to manage divestment campaigns.  In 1896, Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius found that the burning of fossil fuels may lead to higher… Read more »

The time my house was destroyed by a flood

As many cozied up with hot cocoa and movies over the final days of the winter holidays, I can’t say I experienced that same luxury. On Jan. 3, I found myself, along with my roommate and landlords, ankle-deep in mud and dirty water, armoured with garden buckets, Brita water jugs, and workshop vacuums, attempting to… Read more »

Today marks the first day of the Victoria Film Festival

It’s February 1, which can only mean one thing: the Victoria Film Festival (VFF) is back for another year! Running from Feb. 1 to Feb. 10, the festival is a 10-day extravaganza featuring the cinematic creations of International, Canadian, and independent movie producers and directors. This year, the festival celebrates 25 years — its silver anniversary…. Read more »

VIPIRG to kick off narrative-based sexualized violence research

Members of the Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group (VIPIRG) are undertaking a new approach to tackling issues of sexualized violence on campus — one that will feature the anonymously contributed narratives of survivors who have experienced sexualized violence from university faculty and staff. The research also builds on the organization’s current work in empowering… Read more »

Harm reduction is only the beginning for combating the opioid crisis

Society is almost useless when it comes to public policy surrounding drug addictions; frankly, politicians should be partially responsible for the deaths of addicts. There needs to be more thorough public programs that give users the opportunity to improve their lives. There is mediocre treatment — Narcan and blankets handed out to the homeless at… Read more »

Meet your profs: A conversation with Jon Willis

Are we alone in the universe? The universe is big. Massive, really. And it poses equally massive questions. Are there other-worldly creatures beyond the fragile boundary of Earth’s cozy atmosphere who are marveling at their subjective existence just as we do? How did more than 100 billion galaxies form into the magnificent structure that we… Read more »