Leaf blowers should be banned in Victoria

He stands there looking like something out of Ghostbusters, an intruder in our neighbourhood. He’s wearing battle gear — giant goggles, ear protectors and a baseball cap. He looks proud and important as he grasps the powerful, metallic, two-stroke phallus with his right hand, blasting away any debris impudent enough to disturb the pristine driveway.

Be a better berry-picker (and stop drinking that orange juice)

The Martlet took a stroll through UVic’s own local community market, held in the Michèle Pujol room of the Student Union Building (SUB) on Oct. 24. Upon visiting various booths at the market, we learned about health, organic gardening, and ways in which high-tech ideas can help people with something as lo-tech as gathering fruit… Read more »

André Laplante speaks to us though his gigantic heart

A review of the Canadian pianist’s performance with the Victoria Symphony On Oct. 27, Monsieur Laplante wasted no time as he walked onto Royal Theatre’s stage, warmly greeting guest conductor Alain Trudel and concertmaster Terence Tam before turning towards the audience to acknowledge our applause. We had been warmed up to hear Laplante perform in… Read more »

Belfry’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ hits all the right notes

Tom McBeath plays Ebeneezer Scrooge in The Belfry’s imagining of A Christmas Carol. Photo provided (David Cooper). The Belfry’s A Christmas Carol encapsulates the true feelings of Christmas, of which there are many. The ensemble cast of 14 whisks audience members through a myriad of emotions felt during the festive time, including the usual suspects… Read more »