Newly elected Victoria MP Rankin goes to Ottawa

Murray Rankin, the newly elected New Democrat MP for Victoria, is off to Ottawa and he is working with government ministers and public service officials on post-secondary funding and environmental regulations. Rankin says he wants to create a series of initiatives with the NDP. These include addressing student debt and education funding, low income housing, the construction of… Read more »

The never-ending financial crisis

In 2007 the term ‘financial crisis’ found its way into the headlines when the first U.S. banks started to struggle. Since then it seems as if it has never left the front page. U.S. debts, Greece’s financial ruin, the EU’s struggle in general, the downgrading of financial creditworthiness for companies and entire countries — these… Read more »

Wilderness Crew wow crowd at Lucky Bar

The Sunshine Coast is a hidden B.C. treasure. It boasts a beautiful landscape, a mass of hiking and biking trails and a blossoming music and arts scene. The coast is also home base for hip-hop group, Wilderness Crew. And they packed Lucky Bar on the night of Friday, Nov. 30.. We waited in line as… Read more »