LETTERS, JUNE 14, 2012

In defence of Quebec students All countries should be seeking to improve their education systems and to respond better to student concerns of having access to a higher quality of post-secondary schooling. Violence aside for a moment: will raising tuition fees help Quebec balance its budget? Possibly, although I don’t believe it has worked anywhere… Read more »

Dinosaurs: a warning about warming

As the curator of botany and earth history at the Royal B.C. Museum, Richard Hebda spends much of his days researching objects from the ancient world, and in particular, B.C.’s prehistoric environment.

Connecting cities’ dots of climate change

If a picture says a thousand words, people said a lot about climate change on May 5. Through the environmental activist website 350.org, concerned citizens from around the world took part in a day of climate action called Connect the Dots.

UVic alumnus floats on okay

The most recent to add to the UVic’s Department of Writing’s literary yield is Yasuko Thanh, who earned both her B.A. and M.F.A. in Creative Writing from UVic. Last month she launched her first collection of short stories, Floating Like the Dead.

Playground fight fuels play

God of Carnage speaks to the ironic evolution — or devolution — of human beings through satirical humor and carefully foiled characters.