• Orange Shirt Day

    The glow of brightly-coloured t-shirts worn by students, staff, and faculty at UVic on Friday, Sept. 28 demonstrated a dedication to listening to the truth of residential schools for Orange Shirt Day. A panel at the First Peoples House featured stories and artwork of survivors.
  • A Gr4ve encounter

    The Martlet had the chance to speak with Victoria-based musician and recent performer at Rifflandia Johnny Gr4ves.
  • This summer’s wildfire season

    This summer, during the worst fire season ever, the Shovel Lake fire threatened the town of Fort St. James, B.C. Read on for our writer's account of his tense experience protecting his hometown.
  • The pitfalls of Instatravel

    Bali’s waterfalls look better on Instagram than they do in person. On a recent trip to Bali, one writer was shocked by how much acquiring Instagram likes has influenced how we travel.
  • Swans Brewpub and Vikes Athletics join forces

    You can hold off on that blue and gold face paint for now, because Swans Brewery has created a brand new way for fans of sports (and beer) to support the UVic Vikes.

The never-ending financial crisis

In 2007 the term ‘financial crisis’ found its way into the headlines when the first U.S. banks started to struggle. Since then it seems as if it has never left the front page. U.S. debts, Greece’s financial ruin, the EU’s struggle in general, the downgrading of financial creditworthiness for companies and entire countries — these… Read more »

Wilderness Crew wow crowd at Lucky Bar

The Sunshine Coast is a hidden B.C. treasure. It boasts a beautiful landscape, a mass of hiking and biking trails and a blossoming music and arts scene. The coast is also home base for hip-hop group, Wilderness Crew. And they packed Lucky Bar on the night of Friday, Nov. 30.. We waited in line as… Read more »

Music Rags: Boots Riley talks politics

In 2008 Barack Obama was elected President of the United States to much fanfare by people desperate for a change. Over the four ensuing years of his first-term of presidency, many of the same people became disillusioned due to the lack of change they believed they swept into office. It’s become easy to question the… Read more »

Piping hot

I am sure that my friends are spending their Saturday night partying at a club or perhaps relaxing at home, but I am more excited by the minute as I hear the echo of bagpipes within the Bay Street Armouries Hall in Victoria.