UVSS welcomes students back with local music at Frost Fest

The chance for students to combine UVic spirit with downtown nightlife and get classy is a rare one, and one that the inaugural Winter Frost Fest is offering on Jan. 24. The semi-formal event welcomes students back from the winter break with a party at the Strathcona Hotel the night on Jan. 24. The lineup… Read more »

Study warns of smartphone addiction

WINDSOR (CUP) —A new survey suggests Canadians are becoming addicted to their smartphones; good news for those in the business, but phone dependency is a real problem. Wind Mobile commissioned an online survey to be done by Vision Critical of 1,501 Canadians to determine what they would give up in order to keep their smartphones…. Read more »

Idle No More: UVic to Toronto

  Thursday and Friday saw more Idle No More protests across Canada. Thursday at UVic, a demonstration was held in the Bus Exchange, interrupting service at the university. Friday saw a large crowd gather in downtown Toronto.   http://storify.com/TheMartlet/idle-no-more-at-uvic-and-toronto