• Power imbalances in a world away from home

    UVic international graduate students speak on unethical treatment from supervisors and a lack of support from the university.
  • A River of Oranges

    Long-time CFUV host Aldo Nazarko spoke to the Martlet about his book, his childhood as a refugee in Italy, and his eventual immigration with his family to Canada.
  • Movie review: Venom

    Interested in seeing the latest Marvel film? Read our review of Venom first.
  • UVic students write Ukrainian prisoners messages of hope

    The Ukrainian Students Society encourages students to take action on global issues through an initiative to write postcards to prisoners charged with various crimes by the Russian government.
  • Mycelium is the bee’s knees

    With bees fighting a battle for survival that could also be our own, they’re gearing up with medicinal suits of armour. Can mushroom networks help avert the catastro-bee?

Suicide: What you don’t hear

From social media to time management, many factors affect youth suicide Second to accidents, what is the leading cause of death in Canadians aged 15 to 24? A)  Nickelback B)  Bears C)  HST D)  Suicide Yep, it’s the morbid one at the end. You probably go to UVic. So do I. You may have complimented… Read more »

Once a Redditor …

Here’s a trick question: what’s the only place in the world that hosts a major atheism club, featured an in-depth, crowd-sourced interview with American President Barack Obama, supports a burgeoning amateur porn scene and is owned by major magazine publisher Condé Nast? Welcome to Reddit. Though Second Life is the biggest example, scads of games… Read more »

Grizzlies come out 0-2 in weekend games

The two games were an early season litmus test for the Grizz as both Nanaimo and Coquitlam look to be teams who will vie for the Coastal Conference crown. These squads are looking to bounce back from middle of the pack 2011-12 seasons.