Letter: Masking Hatred With Kindness

When the news of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting appeared, like most Jews, I was disheartened. Once again, vile hatred towards us has become so serious that it’s led to real violence. However, the news came as no surprise. When times are tough, when things go wrong, the caricature of the Jew is always there to… Read more »

Political stories to watch in 2019

2019 could lead to political turnover across the country, these four races are why With the New Year comes new resolutions, and for many incumbent politicians across the country, one such resolution may be how to find a way to stay in power. A by-election on Jan. 30 has the chance to topple the B.C…. Read more »

Gap year travelling won’t solve your quarter-life crisis

Don’t know what to do with your life? Travel might not be the answer. Running away, or travelling, may seem like an easy way out of your quarter-life crisis. But be warned, you might just come back broke and more lost than you were before taking off. People often talk about travelling as if it’s… Read more »

Two UVic roommates shared one pair of pants for a whole year

Started from [sharing] the bottom[s], now we here Have you ever had a sibling or a friend borrow (steal) your clothes? It’s annoying because the day you go to put on your favourite sweater is the day you realize that it’s missing from your closet. Plus, your sister will definitely saunter past you without even… Read more »

Understanding Unist’ot’en and B.C.’s legacy of undermining Indigenous governance

What is happening on Unist’ot’en territory is not just about pipelines and fossil fuels. It is about how Canada continues to infringe upon and undermine the sovereignty and homelands of Indigenous peoples. Because this is a watershed moment in Canada, I will share some important updates, details and history regarding this issue. Despite claims to… Read more »

Why I felt like dropping out this semester

Despite my best academic year at university, I had trouble handling pressure and finding motivation to study I wanted to drop out, run away, and be anywhere but Victoria. It was a feeling that had  been brewing inside me for months, since about halfway through first semester, and I felt guilty for allowing the thought… Read more »

Women’s March Victoria back for round three

Hundreds showed up to support intersectional feminism with a focus on Indigenous women’s rights Sunshine broke through the rain clouds on Saturday, Jan. 19, as a crowd gathered on the Legislative precinct for the third annual Women’s March. The procession was led by Indigenous women, transgender women, and other members of the LGBTQ2+ community. Although… Read more »

Victoria’s horse and buggy industry really isn’t so bad

Everybody’s working for the weekend… (even horses) Let me start off by stating that I’m not your typical ‘horse person’. Full disclosure — I’m not even an animal person. I don’t whisper in dogs’ ears or call furry things ‘cute’. But I also don’t run away from four-legged creatures or step on six-legged ones. I… Read more »