Travel — considerations on purpose

Searching amongst the chaos “Hello, my friend! What are you doing here?!” I’m stumped. The sun is setting over the lush, mountainous landscape, which I’ll soon be travelling through overnight on a scooter I rented five hours ago in Kathmandu, Nepal. I’ve just pulled off the pothole-ridden road in search of dinner, but instead I’m… Read more »

Your Nov. 19 UVSS board meeting Tweetcap

Amendments to the Chief Electoral Officer’s duties and an updated intoxication policy meeting highlights At 6 p.m. on Nov. 19, as the sky darkened and the temperature dropped, the UVSS board members made their way to the Upper Lounge of the Student Union Building (SUB) for hearty discussion and Greek food. There was much to… Read more »

RENT is one-hundred-and-fifty-minutes of expert performances

(And moments so dear) Ooo-one huuu-uun-dred and fifty minutes / Ooo-one hundred and fifty moments so dear. The Victoria Operatic Society’s (VOS) one-hundred-and-fifty-minute-long production of RENT was definitely dear, as well captivating, professional, and touching. Victoria might not come to mind when you think of heaps of incredibly talented performers gathered together — that is,… Read more »

Laying his ancestors to rest

Dust ‘n’ Bones, a documentary about traditional grave-digger Harold Joe, is screening at Cinecenta on Nov. 22 The upcoming documentary Dust ‘n Bones follows Harold Joe and the problems he faces in his quest to repatriate Indigenous remains through traditional burial ceremonies, mostly on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands of B.C. The Martlet sat… Read more »

Luca Fogale is coming to Victoria

Soft and honest, his folk tunes are an invitation to the calm seas of connection In the cacophonic bustle of city construction and car horns, it’s hard to reach that introspective space where we can deeply connect with each other and ourselves. Luca Fogale’s soft, soulful folk will send you sailing on that calm sea…. Read more »

Sergio and Sergei

A film about how technology brings us together There are many ways a person can become isolated. It can be through circumstances beyond their control, an active decision, or a complicated mix of the two. But through technology, like Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, people have more opportunities to reach out and… Read more »

Second annual BEEP day sparks innovation on campus

Students, researchers, and faculty came together to showcase work being done in UVic’s Biomedical Engineering department ‘Beep’ is a sound many scientists are familiar with hearing in labs, but the famous robot tune had a completely different significance on campus earlier this month. Hundreds of biomedical scientists and researchers gathered at UVic on Nov. 2… Read more »