May 29 Board of Governors Tweetcap

Tuesday, May 29’s board meeting was a casual one, held in a boardroom in the Michael Williams Building, rather than the typical location within the Senate Chambers. Still, an important range of topics were discussed. Next is a presentation from Dr. Sybil Seitzinger — head of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions at UVic. Seitzinger… Read more »

A ‘tweet-cap’ of the May 14 UVSS board meeting

Pastries, pies, and politics — three topics that held predominant roles at the second UVSS meeting of the 2018–19 term. From easily passing motions to holding a friendly vote for a new director position, the new board acted as two friends on a first date: courteous and eager to cooperate. However, the night began on a sombre… Read more »

A love letter to my divided department

I was so proud to be accepted into the University of Victoria. My first time on campus, I cried — I was struck by the beauty of the gardens, the rabbits (I miss the rabbits), the international languages, and the smell of weed floating on the air (it was April 20). I spent the first few years… Read more »

UVic banking on increasing international ranking

A year-long project has students asking questions about financial priorities on campus Early last October, UVic launched the Global Reputation and Rankings Project (GRRP), an initiative to strengthen UVic’s standing with internationally prominent ranking organizations with $168 000 allocated exclusively for Illuminate Consulting Group (ICG), a third-party firm based out of California. The year-long, two-phase project… Read more »

Clam calamity

The Martlet reaches out to marine life in Victoria poisoned by SSRIs and other medications We have all heard the saying “happy as a clam,” but we could never really measure how happy mollusks were until high doses of antidepressants began showing up in their nervous system. According to the CRD, these clams have been… Read more »

Where are the missing UVSS votes?

A statistical breakdown of the latest UVSS election As the elected and acclaimed Envision candidates are readying themselves for a year in the public eye at the UVSS, we at the Martlet believe it necessary to review and evaluate a certain pertaining topic. Namely, in the 2018 UVSS election, there was a severe disparity between the… Read more »

Now I am become bees, destroyer of clock

Tick-tock, Jamie Cassels. Tick. Tock. Clearihue Clock was first installed in 1963, when the building was unveiled to the public. Nowadays, students might not notice the clock because they have one on their phone, laptop, or tablet, but the clock tower has stopped working. We contacted the university for their official answer. Ron Proulx, Executive… Read more »