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Green isn’t just a colour

Were you ever one of those kids who thought having a green thumb literally meant having a green-coloured thumb? I (adorably) was, but I learned later that being green is a lifestyle, and it’s one you can wear. Handmade items are always a favourite in my book, because for some reason they remind me of… Read more »

Pacific Coast Pretty: Be a violet vixen this Valentine’s Day

Don’t be caught with run-of-the-mill red lipstick if Cupid’s arrows fly your way this Valentine’s Day. While everyone else is turning to traditional hues like baby pink, cherry red, and moody Bordeaux, think outside that heart-shaped box and take shades of violet and orchid for a spin. You’ll look bright-eyed, fresh-faced, and ready for spring,… Read more »

Katwalk: On Pointe

Often I find myself obsessed specifically with the curves of the body—shoulder blades, collarbones, or arches of the foot. Despite relinquishing the ambition of becoming a prima ballerina assoluta many years ago, I still appreciate the speechless storytelling and enviable flexibility of the ballet and its dancers. I learned from reading the interviews of the… Read more »

Fashion Streeters: What does your style mean to you?

Kendra Martel Science First year (left) “This style represents to me the ability to be comfortable and confident at the same time.” Jacqueline Wilson Science First year (right) “To be honest this style pretty much just sums up what is left over when you desperately need to do your laundry!” Tiana Suzanne H. Visual Art First… Read more »

Double back to Korea

During the holidays, I returned to my mother’s homeland for the second time, to further absorb the culture I was geographically isolated from in my early youth. If you know anything about Korea, it’s probably about the cosmetics and cosmetic surgery. The cosmetic stores were my first visit’s focus; this time I decided there was… Read more »

Rain, rain, come my way

Picture this for me, please: it’s that time of year again, when rain clouds cry and the winds whip the dreary tears onto mon visage. Now that’s more like it. It’s a typical rainy day on campus. The sky pours out rain, and we mere mortals have to manage to stay dry in its wake. … Read more »

The Noticeables

The guy who wears a bow tie while riding a unicycle, the girl wearing large headphones who always sings Queen songs just a little too loudly in public. The guy with an enormous afro and purple suede shoes who always seems to be carrying a large stack of books. These are the people who I… Read more »

Cold-shouldered formality

Every winter, the University of Victoria holds a Winter Formal dance at the end of November for the on-campus residents. I attended it in my first year, and if you have a chance, why not? I really spent most of the time at the table with the edibles anyway, because . . . free food. But dressing… Read more »