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What does fashion mean to you?

Jaclyn Rekis Second year Philosophy and Sociology “Fashion is kind of just personal preference, really. I don’t tend to follow any one style particularly. I like street fashion, so I often get ideas from seeing other people and what they wear and I often mix a lot of things. So one day it’s more bohemian… Read more »

Vancouver Fashion Week forecasts haute looks for spring and summer 2014

Victoria’s leaves are beginning to fall and cooler breezes are blowing across campus, but over on the mainland temperatures were rising at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW). From Sept.16–21, VFW, one of Western Canada’s premier fashion events, drew designers, models, and fashion fiends from all over the globe. And while it may be hard to focus… Read more »

Katwalk: Mini me

Being in Victoria makes me miss some things back home in Singapore. One of these things is babysitting my niece and nephew. However, the span of the ocean doesn’t stop me from spoiling them every once in a while. Recently, I noticed that Brandon Stanton, who started the page “Humans of New York,” includes very… Read more »