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UVSS AGM fails to make quorum

The University of Victoria Students’ Society’s (UVSS) Annual General Meeting (AGM) was unable to address its hot topic issues on Oct. 17. The issues were an increase of Executive Directors’ hours of payment, an amendment that would allow board executives to not be students for their first term as directors, and the Catholic Students’ Association’s… Read more »

Fear and loathing on campus

Prelude to conflict Today at its Oct. 17 Annual General Meeting (AGM), the University of Victoria Students’ Society’s (UVSS) directors will request a mandate to ban certain pamphlets, which are based on religious doctrine, distributed by the Catholic Students’ Association (CSA). Additionally, they will ask for salary increases, as well as the privilege of remaining… Read more »

Former YPY president sues University of Victoria

The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) and Cameron Côté, a UVic grad and former president of UVic student group Youth Protecting Youth (YPY), are pursuing a constitutional lawsuit against UVic. The BCCLA and Côté have filed the petition with notice to the UVic Students’ Society (UVSS). They reference the UVSS’s decision, made on Feb…. Read more »

Send the UVSS back to Civics 101

On September 24, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms released a report outlining what it thinks is the state of free speech on Canadian university campuses. What this report says about the UVSS is very disturbing. The UVSS received an F grade, making it one of the three worst student unions in Canada for censoring… Read more »

UVSS Board of Directors proposes significant changes to bylaws

The UVic Students’ Society (UVSS) Board of Directors is proposing bylaw changes that, if approved, will allow non-students to remain board members. In addition, they are suggesting an increase in pay for the executive directors from 35 hours’ worth of pay  per week to 40 hours. These changes were brought forward at the Sept. 23… Read more »

Student questions summer fees

UVic students may not be getting their fees’ worth, especially in summer, says third-year philosophy student Yan Rakhmilov. A student who takes three or more courses within a term, whether the courses are one-month-long summer courses or spread over the full term, pays the full UVic Students’ Society  (UVSS) fee (currently listed on the UVSS… Read more »