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UPDATE: UVSS, NSU oppose UPS conference after granting $6000 in funding

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly referred to Blake Desjarlais as the administrative councillor for NSU; he is in fact the firekeeper. We sincerely regret the error. The print version of this article also stated the conference’s topic was national sovereignty. In fact, the title of the conference is meant to reflect a move away from state-centric ideas of sovereignty. … Read more »

Club proposal met with skepticism at board meeting

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly referred to Saul Brown as the board representative for the Native Students Union. It was in fact Blake Desjarlais who was in attendance representing the NSU. We sincerely regret this error.  In a board meeting on Monday, Oct. 26, that saw two new advocacy group representatives added to the board,… Read more »

UPDATE: Salty remarks from UVSS unpalatable to student body

On Oct. 19, as the Liberal Party of Canada won a landslide majority government with Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister, two UVSS directors took to social media to voice their dissent — by sharing memes jokingly advocating for killing and eating him. Both directors’ posts were captured in screenshots provided by a concerned source that wished to… Read more »

Voting made easy for students this election

In an effort to encourage voting amongst UVic students, the UVSS have introduced This Year We’re Voting, an initiative running from Oct. 5–8, involving advanced voting booths inside the Student Union Building for students wishing to cast ballots for the upcoming federal election. The program was created last year for the municipal election, but is… Read more »

UVSS, students lose out on textbook sales

SUBtext, the UVSS’s non-profit textbook consignment store, has estimated a loss of $40-50 000 per term on unsold textbooks. From 2013–2014, the estimated loss was $72 000. Roxie Price, SUBtext’s manager since May 2013, has witnessed this loss as it became a widespread issue. Price says the losses can be attributed mostly to lower-level science courses, those… Read more »

An open letter to the UVSS Board of Directors

Dear Board of Directors, On Aug. 24, I attended what was presumed to be a regularly scheduled board meeting, which are held, according to the UVSS website, “twice a month on Mondays at 6:00 pm in the SUB Upper Lounge.” The Martlet attends these meetings as a way to keep students — your membership — informed of the board’s… Read more »

Board of Directors negotiates capital expenditures

The UVSS Board of Directors convened for an emergency meeting on Aug. 18 to address motions that were left unaccounted for during last week’s meeting on Aug. 10, including the adoption of an amended Excluded Management Policy to account for the new executive director position. The board also approved a motion to adopt a new… Read more »

Pride referendum stirs up debate at board meeting

Emotions were running high in the SUB Upper Lounge on Aug. 10, as the UVSS Board of Directors discussed a referendum that would ask students for approval of a fee increase for UVic Pride. Other business on the agenda included filling the usual committee vacancies, amendments to the UVSS Disability, Excluded Personnel, and Finance and… Read more »

Board Shorts – June 22: Ain’t no business like old business

It was a low-key meeting for the Board of Directors on June 22, with much of it being held in camera. There was no public update on the UVSS’s excluded management restructuring or hiring for the Executive Director position. Chairperson Brontë Renwick-Shields proposed a motion to amend policy to include electing an Advocacy Council representative… Read more »

UVSS announces restructuring, loses management staff

The UVSS board will be undergoing a restructuring of their excluded management structure, according to a memo released to UVSS full-time staff on June 11. There are no further plans for any other changes to the Society’s staffing model. The memo states that Al Bishop will no longer hold his position as Support & Administrative… Read more »