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Did CFS bad blood turn into UVSS mad love?

On Nov. 15, 2010, the University of Victoria Students Society (UVSS) began what turned into a lengthy legal battle to withdraw from the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), a national organization that lobbies the government at the federal level on behalf of member universities. On Mar. 29, 2011, students cast a decisive vote and the… Read more »

What the Board of Directors accomplished this year

With great potential comes great responsibility — and the occasional mishap. For the current UVSS board, this last year had both. So, as election day draws near, we ask the question: how did they do? The UVSS board faced some serious challenges this year, but kept a strong focus on goals made during last year’s elections. Divestment… Read more »

General assembly fails to reach quorum . . . again

The wheels of democracy didn’t stop turning but certainly slowed down a bit on Thursday, Feb. 4, as the UVSS’s Semi-Annual General Meeting failed to meet quorum — a problem that has plagued the society for years. The call to proceed with the meeting was made at 3:35 p.m., 35 minutes after the scheduled start time and… Read more »

UVSS executives ready motions for general meeting

Despite a few procedural stumbling blocks, the UVSS board meeting was able to push through a significant amount of business over three and a half hours Monday night. The marathon session reviewed status reports from critical student associations, and heard on several requests to garner funding from the student body. Opening the meeting was an… Read more »

Education is a Right campaign hits the streets

On Wednesday, Feb. 3, UVSS executives and  students alike will take to the streets in protest of rising tuition. The rally, organized by the UVSS as part of their Education is a Right campaign, is part of a larger day of action protesting increasing tuition fees and student debt. This will be the first time… Read more »

First 2016 board meeting quick, to the point

The first day back to classes is often fraught with excitement, anxiety, and several fresh cups of coffee to help ease the transition into 8:30 a.m. classes, but the first Board of Directors meeting of 2016 was remarkably quiet. Board reports, or lack thereof Reports from constituency organizations and committees were tabled until the next… Read more »

Deconstructing the UVSS Food Services deficit

A curious running deficit in the Food Services budget for the University of Victoria Students’ Society was brought up at the last Annual General Meeting on Oct. 28, with little explanation for the cause. An interview with Food Services Manager Brad Mielke, however, revealed a design in the accounting that indicates Food Services may be… Read more »

What’s in a name? And why the Women’s Centre is changing theirs

The Women’s Centre, located in the SUB, is undergoing a name change to make their space more inclusive. Outreach and Communications Coordinator Kay Gallivan explained that “last year, we changed our policies from having this space be open to self-identified women to having the space be open to self-identified women, non-binary, and gender-fluid people. So… Read more »

December wraps with flurry of UVSS activity

Just because the semester was winding down didn’t mean the UVSS Board of Directors weren’t busy the last couple of weeks. A motion brought forward by the UVSS to the UVic Senate on Dec. 3 granting academic amnesty for undergraduate students failed to pass. The motion would “absolve students of the obligation to hand in… Read more »

UVSS Food Bank forced to tighten belts, welcomes donations

Whether it’s turkey, tofurkey, or spiked eggnog, sharing a meal with friends and family is at the heart of nearly every holiday tradition. But a troubling hiccup in the UVSS Food Bank & Free Store’s budget may leave many students with a little less this year. Courtney Striker, Assistant Coordinator of the UVSS Food Bank… Read more »