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UVSS role debated before upcoming career fair

A controversial employer at a career fair shows two different visions for the UVSS: one that limits itself to popular student issues like tuition costs and transit pass-ups, and one that occasionally takes unpopular stances in the hopes of changing perceptions around social issues.

UVSS must respect the right to free speech

In his essay “A Plea for Free Speech,” abolitionist Frederick Douglass argued that, “[. . .] to suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker.” One-hundred-fifty-four years after this speech was delivered in Boston, Douglass’s words still ring true. Despite having a mandate to… Read more »

Student elections end amid budget controversy and resignation

Campus elections have come to a close once again. Five new paid members of the UVSS have signed on and nine new directors-at-large, with two who were re-elected, eager to begin their terms. However, as the posters are torn down, traces of controversy still stick to the walls. Yet again, voter turnout has declined. In… Read more »

The UVSS—Robin Hood in reverse?

David Foster was a UVSS director-at-large in 2011-12.   The UVic Students’ Society (UVSS) constitution states that the society’s purpose is to organize students democratically; advance students’ rights and representation; and provide services that supplement the learning experience and meet students’ needs. Unfortunately, the UVSS has rarely lived up to these high ideals. In reality,… Read more »

Give the UVSS a break, or at least your attention

We need campus events. Student societies are unparalleled in their direct connection to campus culture and community. They also have a specific mandate to serve students, and are uniquely equipped to do so. In theory, events put on by the UVic Students’ Society (UVSS) should be widely appealing, culturally appropriate, and highly valuable to the… Read more »

UVSS open house solicits input on SUB renovations

On Nov. 22, the UVSS hosted an open house to give students the chance to voice their opinions on the SUB renovations. The event took place in the SUB Upper Lounge where students were able to take a look at proposed ideas for renovations of the Upper Lounge itself. Ideas ranged from what the lighting… Read more »