What do you do to save energy at home?

Caitlin Burritt
Second year
Germanic Studies

“I guess, mostly trying not to have too many lights on at the same time, and I always go around turning them off after everyone else and . . . sort of making sure that all the technology I’ve got is sort of shut down when I’m not using it. And I try not to take showers that are too long, basically.”


Jaroslaw Pankowski
Second-year grad student

“So, overall I don’t really think about saving energy every day. I mean, I guess, I think I do as much as I need and no more, and that’s as much as I can do, and that’s it.”


Ariana McLeod
Second year

“We just do the basic things, really, like making sure we turn the lights off when we leave the room . . . and turning the heat off when we leave and that kind of thing. And keeping all the windows closed so we don’t let out too much air . . . and we recycle.”


Bruce Nelson
Fifth year

“Hanging clothes on the clothesline rather than putting them in the dryer as often as possible (as the weather permits in Victoria); keep the lights out when you’re not in the room and unplugging things from the wall when they’re not in use — three major energy savers at home.”

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