“What do you think of online course material being used in classes?”

Charmaine Chard

First year

“Online materials are better than textbooks. Basically because textbooks are very very very expensive and online materials are provided free for you . . . And if you have to pay for the online materials, it’s still cheaper than the textbooks themselves.”


Marcelle Kitengie
Third year


“Personally, I’m not a fan of it, only because I’m old-fashioned. I like getting my textbook, doing my homework and handing it in — physical thing. The online thing, it’s like you have to go on and check all the time. You get these emails from your teachers at random times; I got a French email at 12 o’clock last night about what’s due. I like syllabus, paper, and I’m old-fashioned like that.”


Daniel Goodfellow
Third year

“Well, it’s good, because it cuts costs, I guess, and it’s accessible. But on the other hand, I like reading books as opposed to reading stuff online all the time, so . . . I don’t know. It’s good and it’s not so good, I guess.”


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