10 important lessons learned smoking the green stuff

A-List Humour
  1. Taco Bell. It’s more than a lesson—it’s a taco.
  2. Thirty minutes is an excruciating long time to wait for pizza to be delivered to your home and is best done with the emotional support of others.
  3. Adventure Time is a very complex cartoon show. Don’t get me started on my theory for why Rainicorns speak Korean.
  4. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Wall is the best album ever.
  5. Nature is the best and should be grown everywhere. Except trees, they are fractals and freak me out.
  6. Tater Tot poutine does not taste as good at it sounds.
  7. Turning down music can help you see better.
  8. The DVD menu can almost be as interesting as the movie itself.
  9. Brushing your teeth is as close as you will ever get to brushing your bones.
  10. There is a high possibility that those “Do not eat” packets you get in food contain the most delicious food you will ever eat; they just want to hide it from you. Think about it.