10 last-minute Halloween costumes

A-List Humour

Unlike other holidays, Oct. 31 is extremely self-centred. We’re all dressing to impress (or for the ladies, under-dressing) while still remaining culturally relevant. But what’s one to do if Value Village is sold out of sultry witch, sexy witch, and scary witch costumes?

1. Your evil twin

What would the wicked version of you wear? How would they speak? (This is really a costume of self-discovery).

2. Social media

Paint a book on your face and slap a blue bird on your shoulder. Give thumbs up all night.

3. Miley’s tongue

What hasn’t that appendage licked? Cover your body in anything, like Nick Jonas or a sledgehammer.

4. A shadow

Follow your well-dressed friends around. All you have to do is sport black from head to toe.

5. Women of Instagram

Buy a long, flowing wig. Write #longhairdontcare on a shirt.

6. A guy seeing a 3D movie

Wear a pair of 3D glasses. Have the synopsis of Gravity saved to your phone.

7. Overweight skeleton

Literally do nothing.

8. Blogger

Bring a camera and the look of superiority.

9. Wizard dressed as a muggle

Possibly the easiest fandom costume ever. Throw together an outfit spanning multiple decades, styles, and genders.

10. Grammar Police

Words can be sexy! A pair of handcuffs and a steamy section from the dictionary will do the trick.