10 reasons why you should consider taking a cruise ship home instead of B.C. Ferries

A-List Humour

1. Food and drink is included

Why pay $22 for a crappy buffet, when you can stuff your face with more shrimp than your stomach can handle?

2. The routes aren’t being cut 

In fact, they are expanding!

3. Cheaper souvenirs

One 12-dollar B.C. Ferries pen, or 24 50-cent Mexican pens? Your choice.

4. No expensive secret lounge areas 

Say no to being part of evil, exclusive clubs by not being on the boat that harbours them at all!

5. Children have more designated areas 

This is good for both parties, as no mysterious “kid tripping” will occur.

6. Student discounts

I know, it’s crazy to think of a type of boat transportation giving student discounts, but sometimes the advancements in technology that make you the most uncomfortable are the most important.

7. Breakfasts are better 

I know you’ll miss those ice-cream scoop shaped scrambled eggs and soggy bread, but letting go is important.

8. Staff is more friendly 

Finally, you can ask where the ice-cream machine is without judgment.

9. Chocolate fountain 

I know, you assumed that with the prices you were paying on ferries, they would have a chocolate fountain. Now after all these years, your dream of chocolate dipped fruit will be fulfilled.

10. Cruise ships take debit 

The way cruise ships are leaving us all in the technological dust astounds me.