10 songs to get you on your feet for 2014

Culture Music

Our new year’s resolutions have been set into motion, and we’re all looking optimistically towards a year of success, health, and romance. With a little help from a motivational playlist, anything is possible.

1. ***Flawless – Beyoncé

A feminist anthem, Beyoncé wants to remind you that you woke up flawless—and will wake up flawless every day in 2014.

2. Y.A.L.A. – M.I.A.

Besides being M.I.A.’s response to the YOLO bandwagon, the word “Yalla” also translates to “hurry up/let’s go” in Arabic. M.I.A. wants you to hurry up and get on with the new year.

3. Elephant – Tame Impala

The driving beat of “Elephant” is guaranteed to get you out of your seat this year—at least long enough to enjoy the song.

4. A/B Machines – Sleigh Bells

For those days when you need to put on your sunglasses, ignore everything, strut to class, and get stuff done.

5. 100$ Bill – Jay Z

Originally produced for The Great Gatsby soundtrack, you will be listening to this track on payday, or in moments when you aspire to be making those $100 bills in the near future.

6. Oblivion – Grimes

The soundtrack to your daydreams, Grimes will be looking over you in 2014 from her home in Sooke.

7. Skirt – Kylie Minogue

A song that peaked on the Billboard dance charts, it is dedicated to the nights you may or may not remember, out on the town in 2014.

8. I Am A God – Kanye West

How you should feel walking into your first lectures of 2014. You’ve got this.

9. Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work – Solange

This song serves as a friendly reminder that not everything will work out perfectly in 2014. If Solange can get through it and still look flawless, so can you.

10. I Love You, Ono – Stereo Total

Any song that can make me look forward to summer is an automatic go-to on my list of survival songs for the semester. Summer 2014: so close, and yet so far.